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'Ese es el ataque más perezoso'

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'Ese es el ataque más perezoso', 'Ese es el ataque más perezoso', 'Ese es el ataque más perezoso'. Dulce imprescindible de Fran Fraschilla, 'Ese es el ataque más perezoso'.

Will Smith apologizes ‘to the Academy and all my fellow nomineesduring best actor speech

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Will Smith won his first Academy Award on Sunday night and offered his apologies to the Academy and others for an earlier incident in which the actor appeared to strike presenter Chris Rock. He tearfully accepted th...

Michael Keaton praises ‘fellow actor President Zelenskyyat Critics Choice Awards: ‘Keep up the fight’

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los "Dopesick" estrella, who won for best actor in a limited series or movie made for TV on Sunday night, had the ongoing conflict impacting Ukraine on his mind as he accepted his award. "The only thing I’ll say about th...

Montana senator criticizes fellow Democrats for not appealing to rural Americans more

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Montana Sen. Jon Tester criticized fellow Democrats for not appealing to Middle America more and said Democrats need to "show up" in those places if they want to win elections. "I honestly don't think the Democrati...

Demings dismisses fellow Dem’s ‘defund police’ empujar, says lawmakers need to ‘stay focused

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Demings, who is vying for Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s seat this year, stressed her 27 years of experience as a former police officer and chief of the Orlando Police Department in advocating for the Violent Incident...

Idaho PD chief under investigation over chokehold demonstration that allegedly injured fellow officer: reporte

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The incident between Boise police Chief Ryan Lee and another officer occurred in late 2021 during a briefing with city officials, the Idaho Statesman reported. His lawyer, Chuck Peterson, told the newspaper that Lee ...

La estrella de 'M*A*S*H' llora a Betty White, compañero amante de los animales Loretta Swit: 'Me duele extrañarla'

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La actriz, cuyo encanto descarado la convirtió en un pilar de la televisión durante más de 60 años, ya sea como una presentadora de televisión loca por los hombres en "El show de Mary Tyler Moore" o el compañero de casa chiflado en "Las chicas de oro," murió el dic. 31 a ...

Dick Cheney just spoke a hard truth to his fellow Republicans on January 6

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Dick Cheney is nobody's RINO (Republican in name only). The former vice president -- and member of Congress -- has long been an unapologetic conservative. When he and President George W. Bush left office in early 2...

11-year-old honored for saving fellow student from choking and woman from house fire all in one day

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A sixth grader in Oklahoma was honored for heroism for jumping into action to save a classmate who was choking and rescue a woman from a house fire all in one day. And for his actions, 11-year-old Davyon Johnson was...

Nevada Rep. Titus says she ‘totally got f—ed’ by fellow Dems in redistricting

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Reps. Dina Titus, D-Nev., made the comment while speaking at an AFL-CIO town hall meeting on Wednesday, noting her frustration with Democratic Gov. Steve Sisilak and the blue Nevada legislature. The Democrats in the S...

Marine vet wounded by IED on Thanksgiving Day devotes holiday season to giving thanks to fellow troops

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Martinez was on his second deployment when he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) in the Helmand Province in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving Day, nov. 26, 2010, causing the amputations of both of his legs. De...

Ohtani voted player of the year by fellow major leaguers

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Philadelphia outfielder Bryce Harper was voted National League outstanding player, the union said Thursday. Toronto infielder Marcus Semien was selected Marvin Miller man of the year, given to a player whose leadersh...

Adrian Wojnarowski brags about online stats with potential sources, badmouths fellow insider: reporte

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Woj has reportedly coordinated with his representation at CAA in sending out PowerPoints that show off his online engagement and insights to potential sources, shamelessly propping himself above the industry’s landsc...

"Hermanos de azul": El riñón de un oficial caído coincidía con el de un compañero que resultó herido en el cumplimiento del deber

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Se supone que los agentes de policía deben proteger y servir. El servicio de un oficial está viviendo más allá de su tiempo. Oficial Mark Priebe, que ha estado en el Departamento de Policía de Springfield de Missouri durante 21 años, quedó paralizado de ...

Steele Brand: My fellow Afghanistan vets, know this about your service and sacrifices

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Now more than ever we must remind our veterans that their service was meaningful. The virtues veterans embody – hard work, discipline, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and devotion to a higher cause – are good. Período. Ellos ...

Su papá, un oficial de policía, murió de Covid-19. Compañeros oficiales lo escoltaron hasta su primer día de clases.

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Un niño en Las Vegas tenía una sorpresa esperándolo mientras se dirigía al primer día de cuarto grado el lunes. -- una escolta policial para honrar a su difunto padre. Durante las vacaciones de verano, Noé , 9, Lamentó la muerte de ...

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