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Feminists ‘in full-blown panic modeabout state of Roe v. Wade: Hegseth

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SUPREME COURT HEARS MISSISSIPPI ABORTION CASE THAT COULD OVERTURN ROE V. WADE: LIVE UPDATES PETE HEGSETH: Hierdie week, we're seeing the culmination of decades of hard work, important work and principled work after hour...

‘Fake feministsHarris and AOC set back women’s movement: Palin

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Fox host Rachel Campos-Duffy said Harris hasn't taken responsibility for many of her failures and both the vice president and Ocasio-Cortez blame others when things go wrong. A recent example is when Ocasio-Cortez wa...

Transgenderism undermines women’s rights, despite other feminists’ eise: Kara Dansky

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"I have always thought of myself as a feminist. I'm on the political left. And I went to law school not quite knowing what I was going to do with my law degree, and I ended up deciding to go into criminal justice," D ...

Feminists protesting Lia Thomas say they are politically homeless: ‘Democrats don’t care about women

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"I was historically liberal. I would say I'm politically homeless now because I don't think the Democrats care about women and girls," one activist with the group Save Women’s Sports told Fox News. The women’s advoc...

Chinese feminists are being silenced by nationalist trolls. Some are fighting back

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The torrent of hate messages filling Liang Xiaowen's inbox stopped as suddenly as it had started. For a week, the 29-year-old Chinese feminist was subject to incessant chauvinist and misogynist attacks on Weibo, one...