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US climate action is on the line as negotiations in Congress reach a fever pitch

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With just one month to go until a pivotal UN climate change conference in Glasgow, President Joe Biden's climate agenda is on the line. The fate of Biden's ambitious climate promises is wrapped up in a large budget...

UN chief says climate alarms are ringing at a ‘fever pitchin frustrated speech

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New York UN Secretary General António Guterres appealed to world leaders Tuesday to show solidarity and act on the climate crisis, warning that humanity was on track for a "hellscape" of temperature rise that would b...

Mitchell, McCowan help Fever beat Sparks 74-72

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Nneka Ogwumike made two free throws to give the Sparks a 72-64 lei met 3:05 links, but Indiana (6-19) closed the game on a 10-0 hardloop. Mitchell hit a long jumper and, after McCowan made 3 van 4 from the free-throw line...

Universal masking calls reach Biden admin as delta fear, push for virus restrictions reach fever pitch

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The Washington Post first reported that the idea was being batted around within the White House, even if it was something as minor as a change in messaging from top officials rather than a wholesale update of CDC gui...

Chicago gangsters outnumber cops 10 aan 1 as spike in crime reaches fever pitch

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The figures come from the police pension board, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times. It shows that between January and June, sommige 363 officers called it quits, en nog een 56 were expected to retire this month. ...

Video of Britney Spears saying she had 102-degree fever while performing onstage resurfaces

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"I’m about to pass out, and I’m sick," the singer told the audience at her July 19, 2018, concert at the Borgata Event Center in Atlantic City, NJ. "ek het, eintlik, a 102 fever right now." After Spears’ backup danc...

Most kids with coronavirus do not develop fever, studie bevind

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Die studeerkamer, published Thursday, found that the vast majority — about 81% — of the more than 12,000 children with laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infections who were a part of the study did not develop fever. Meanwhil...

Geen, die Trump-koors het nie in sy Republikeinse fanklub gebreek nie

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U kan dink dat nadat gewelddadige opstanders deur Donald Trump die Capitol Woensdag bestorm en bestraf het dat Republikeine moontlik, uiteindelik, ontken die president se wilde fantasieë oor hoe hy optree ...