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Federal judge refuses to stop mail-in voting in Montana, blasts Trump-backed ‘fictionof massive voter fraud

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Washington A federal judge in Montana rejected the Trump campaign's effort to stop an expansion of mail-in voting in the state. The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee filed the lawsuit earlier this...

Greenwald blasts New York Times, media for initial reports on Sicknick’s death: ‘Complete fiction

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald reminded readers that The New York Times "published an emotionally gut-wrenching but complete fiction that never had any evidence" by initially reporting, as Greenwald put it, that Sicknick...

‘Straight out of Hollywood fiction’: Feds bust three men in $30 million bank robbery scheme

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Federal authorities say they've arrested three New York men Tuesday on money laundering conspiracy charges in connection with an elaborate, international bank robbery operation that netted more than $ 30 million ov...

John Travolta, Bruce Willis set to star together in ‘Paradise City’ 27 years after ‘Pulp Fiction

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Deadline reports that the two actors, who last starred in a film together in 1994's "Pulp Fiction," are set to appear in the Chuck Russell-directed "Paradise City." El outlet, which first reported the duo's casting,...

Rand Paul slams Fauci book as ‘science fictionafter it is pulled from store websites

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Listings for the book, noble "Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward," were removed from Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites on Thursday. Fauci’s publisher, National Geographi...

Physicist to Tucker Carlson: Climate change is ‘fiction of the media’

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"It’s a fiction of the media," él dijo. "And the politicians who like to promote that notion." According to data from the U.S. Gobierno, Koonin explained, existen "no detectable human influences" on natural disas...

‘I Am Legendscreenwriter reacts to vaccine conspiracy theories, pointing out the plot is fiction

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The post-apocalyptic thriller "I Am Legend" is bubbling up in conversation among the vaccine-hesitant crowd, prompting the film's screenwriter to emphasize that the plot is entirely fictional. Akiva Goldsman, who c...

Hillary Clinton announces new book, calls it her ‘first foray into fiction!’

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"State of Terror" is described as a political thriller that seems to resemble a bit of Clinton's resume. The plot follows the appointment of a woman chosen as the secretary of state by a new president, who's a "polit...