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USFL Week 4: Panthers off mark on would-be game-winning field goal, Stars survive

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The Week 4 matchup in the United States Football League featured two teams from the North Division. Shea Patterson and the rushing attack of the Panthers drove the field and set up for what could have been a chip sho...

Dozens of shots fired near youth game at North Charleston baseball field

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North Charleston, Suid Carolina, officials are offering a $ 10,000 reward after dozens of shots were fired in the parking lot of a city baseball field during a youth game Monday evening. Video shot by a player's p...

Panthers’ Joey Magnifico carted off the field after apparent lower-body injury

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The former Memphis Tigers tight end was injured during the kick return with just two minutes left in the second half. According to the Detroit Free Press’ Tony Garcia, Magnifico’s left leg appeared to get "rolled up ...

Tom Brady reveals what drew him back to football: ‘I just love the competition on the field

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star told ESPN that, after reflecting on his decision, he started to feel like he could still physically play football. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Tom Brady #12 van die ...

NCAA is teaching girls and women they don’t deserve to compete on a level playing field

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WHO WILL STAND UP FOR ME AND OTHER WOMEN BEING BEATEN BY BIOLOGICAL MALES LIKE LIA THOMAS? In plaas daarvan, the NCAA has threatened to pull championship competitions from states that reserve women’s sports for females. Terwyl ...

Chicago man shot dead just blocks from Wrigley Field among 4 weekend murder victims

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Daar was 15 shootings reported in Chicago from 6 nm. Friday through Sunday night, with the most recent incident being reported around 10:15 nm. in a neighborhood about two and a half blocks away from the Cubs’ Wr...

Sally Field says she wasn’t the love of Burt Reynold’s life

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According to Sally Field, her grand love affair with Burt Reynolds wasn't so grand after all. In a recently published interview with Variety, Field talked about her relationship with Reynolds, who she met on the set...

Sally Field explains why she hated working on ‘The Flying Nun’: ‘I just had to put my head down

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Die sitkom, which aired from 1967 tot 1970, focused on the comical misadventures of a nun (Field) who can somehow fly. When the actress was asked by Variety on Thursday how she forced herself to get up every mornin...

US governors look for ways to aid Ukraine, from field hospital kits to rebuilding funds

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As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky calls on US officials "to do more" to help his country, governors around the US are mobilizing to bolster shipments of humanitarian aid and other supplies, including at leas...

Watters: Putin turning Ukraine ‘into an absolute killing field

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"As Putin tries to compensate for his losses in Kyiv by shedding blood throughout the rest of Ukraine, we're seeing some of the most horrifying images coming out of Ukraine yet," hy het gesê. "Streets filled with scenes ...

Field notes of an American alcoholic in rehab

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Most books and essays about alcoholism and recovery are triumphant tales of success meant to inspire those still suffering under its baffling compulsions. It's a kind of sincere testimony that promises you can do thi...

Ramme, Bengals have enough stars to keep attention on field

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Those are only some of the big names on the Los Angeles Rams. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Then there’s Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow. Jong, confident to the point of brashness and with a fashion s...

Aspiring New Jersey Navy SEAL remembered by coach and friend: ‘A leader on and off the field

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NAVY OPENS INVESTIGATION INTO SEAL CANDIDATE'S DEATH DURING ‘HELL WEEK’ Kyle Mullen's former coach at Manalapan (N.J.) Hoërskool, Ed Gurrieri, and Mullen's friend Taylor Aloisio joined "jakkals & Vriende" to discus...

Tulsa police find $300,000 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby stripped and hidden in field

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The muscle car was discovered last week in a rural area south of the city during an aerial search based on tips provided to detectives working on the case. The GT500 was hidden under cover in a field. ...

Chiefs-sekuriteit maak die beste aanpak van die spel wanneer ondersteuner op die veld hardloop

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Kan nie sy opgewondenheid bedwing nie, 'n ondersteuner by Arrowhead-stadion het op die veld gehardloop met twee minute oor in die vierde en die Bills agter 21-26. Kansas City Chiefs wye ontvanger Tyreek Hill (10) gee 'n pu terug...

Evan McPherson boots 52-yard game-winning field goal, lifts Bengals to upset victory over Titans

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McPherson connected on 4-of-4 field goals in the game. Check back for story update.

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