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South Korea rolls out the KF-21, joining elite group of global supersonic fighter jet makers

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Seoul South Korea unveiled its homegrown supersonic jet fighter on Friday, joining an exclusive club of military aviation giants and setting the stage for a $ 5.2 billion program it hopes will be a top export driver...

Former MMA fighter Tyler East shot and killed in New Mexico

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Oos, 30, was found dead Monday at a residence in Los Lunas, oor 25 miles south of Albuquerque, the New Mexico State Police said Tuesday. The Valencia County Sheriff's Office responded to the home on a domestic vi...

Die YouTube-ster Jake Paul pak die voormalige UFC-vegter Ben Askren in die bokswedstryd in April

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Jake Paul, die YouTube-ster het bokser geword, het sy volgende wedstryd opgestel. Die omstrede internetpersoonlikheid sal die voormalige UFC-vegter Ben Askren op April teëkom 17, volgens ESPN. Paulus het net twee gevegte onder ...

YouTuber Jake Paul offers UFC fighter Conor McGregor $50 million to box him

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YouTuber Jake Paul is trying to capitalize on his initial success in the boxing ring by challenging former UFC champion Conor McGregor. Channeling his inner-McGregor in a profane, insulting rant posted on social med...

Taiwan grounds entire fleet of US-made F-16 fighter jets after crash

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Hong Kong Taiwan has grounded its entire fleet of about 140 US-made F-16 fighter jets after one of the planes crashed during a training mission on Tuesday evening. Taiwan's Defense Ministry said the single-seat F-16 ...

Undefeated UFC fighter announces emotional retirement after latest victory

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Khabib Nurmagomedov had a big surprise for Ultimate Fighting Championship fans Saturday after defeating Justin Gaethje. An emotional Nurmagomedov announced his retirement after the bout. With this latest victory --...