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Ukrainian UFC fighter has message for Vladimir Putin: 'F— usted, b—-!’

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"F--- usted, b----!" Moroz told TMZ Sports. "amo mi país. Don’t touch Ukraine!" HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Maryna Moroz of Ukraine poses for a post fight portrait backstage during the UFC Fi...

Fighter ace leads tech effort to battle emerging China threat

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"We must do something about the investment China is making in cyber and AI, también, because in certain spheres, I believe they are much ahead of us," said Daniel Robinson, CEO and founder of Red 6. WATCH FULL STORY ...

US fighter jets escort Russian aircraft in eastern Syria

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US fighter jets and other coalition aircraft escorted three Russian aircraft in eastern Syria on Tuesday when the Russians flew into coalition-restricted airspace, according to two US officials with direct knowledge...

California town mixes up Russian fighter jet and USAF jet to promote Super Bowl flyover

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"Just before 3:30 P.M., the @usairforce will flyover #SantaMonica and #Malibu in preparation for the National Anthem performance for #Superbowl at SoFi Stadium," the city’s official Twitter account posted along with ...

US Navy races to recover crashed F-35 fighter jet in South China Sea – fifth mishap on ship in three months

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Los Estados Unidos. Navy reported yet another incident Monday involving a high-tech aircraft that is now missing somewhere in the depths of the South China Sea. The military is now launching efforts to reclaim the valuable warp...

Six US fighter jets arrive in Estonia amid Ukraine tensions

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The F-15E fighters belong to the 48th Fighter Wing of the U.S. Air Force and arrived to Estonia from their permanent home base in United Kingdom Lakenheath Air Force Base. EU said the fighters would remain in the reg...

El caza furtivo surcoreano realiza un aterrizaje de emergencia en el vientre’

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Seúl, Corea del Sur El piloto de un caza a reacción de Corea del Sur F-35A hizo una emergencia "aterrizaje de vientre" en una base aérea el martes después de que su tren de aterrizaje fallara debido a problemas electrónicos, un spo. de la Fuerza Aérea de Corea del Sur..

Remains of missing amateur MMA fighter found by man searching for deer antlers

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Police in Branson, Misuri, say they've identified the remains of David Koenig, an amateur mixed martial arts fighter, who had been missing for almost two years. The skeletal remains were found in the woods last we...

Missouri man finds remains of longtime missing MMA fighter while hunting for deer antlers

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Police were called to the woods near Fall Creek Road in Branson on Dec. 22 for a report of the discovery of suspected human remains, funcionarios dijeron el lunes. After confirming the remains were human, Fauci defiende a China ...

British F-35 fighter jet crashes while flying off aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

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A British F-35, one of the newest stealth fighter jets in the UK military, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday morning while operating off the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK Defense Ministr...

Conor McGregor: Luchador de MMA acusado de ataque no provocado por DJ italiano

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Un DJ italiano afirma que sufrió varias lesiones luego de un presunto altercado con el luchador de MMA Conor McGregor.. Francesco Facchinetti dijo que McGregor lanzó un ataque no provocado en el St. Regis Hotel en Rom ...

China ha mejorado su mejor avión de combate furtivo con motores de fabricación nacional

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Hong Kong, China finalmente mostró su avión de combate más avanzado con motores de fabricación nacional. -- un hito significativo ya que Beijing impulsa las capacidades de sus aviones furtivos J-20 en un intento por rivalizar con los Estados Unidos..

UFC’s Dana White rips Oscar De La Hoya after boxing great criticizes fighter pay

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De La Hoya congratulated Volkanovski on beating Ortega via unanimous decision at UFC 266 and called out White for allegedly failing to pay fighters what the "Golden Boy" thinks they’re worth. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA MÁS DEPORTE ...

Russian fighter jets escorted US Air Force bomber after it reportedly approached Russian airspace

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Russian fighter jets were scrambled to escort a US Air Force plane that reportedly approached Russian airspace over the Pacific Ocean, Russian state news agency TASS said Sunday. There were no violations of Russia's...

Small aircraft intercepted by fighter jet over Hudson River for violating temporary flight restriction during UN gathering

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A small aircraft flown by an Army instructor pilot was intercepted over the Hudson River Tuesday for violating the temporary flight restriction in place for the United Nations General Assembly gathering, which is ta...

Transgender fighter Alana McLaughlin wins MMA debut

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The 38-year-old used a rear-naked choke against Celine Provost to end the match 3 minutos, 32 seconds into the second round. McLaughlin, who began her gender transition after leaving the U.S. Army Special Forces in 2...