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Who is Joel Greenberg? Florida tax collector facing federal charges is key figure in Matt Gaetz case

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But who is Greenberg? His case has been reported to have led to the Gaetz investigation, but now Greenberg’s attorney believes that the congressman is the one in real trouble as lawyers on both sides of Greenberg’s c...

Elizabeth Hurley shows off figure in teeny tiny bikini: ‘My favourite

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The 55-year-old actress has become known for showing some skin on social media, having once even attracted criticism from Piers Morgan for sharing a topless photo online. The star hasn't let such negativity keep her ...

Eleanor Roosevelt is the latest historical figure to get the Barbie treatment

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One of the most influential women of the 20th century is being introduced as a role model to a new generation of girls. Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt has been made into a Barbie doll as part of the company's "...

Ouma Wong was 'n sleutelfiguur in Hong Kong se protesbeweging — totdat sy verdwyn het

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Met haar grys hare en yslike Britse vlag, 64-jarige Alexandra Wong was 'n opvallende figuur op die frontlinie van verlede jaar se protes teen demokrasie -- totdat sy verdwyn het. Liefdevol die bynaam Ouma Wong ...