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Val Kilmer shares what it was like filming ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ with Tom Cruise: ‘No time had passed at all’

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Val Kilmer recently shared what it was like to film "Bobaas: Maverick" with Tom Cruise nearly 30 years after the original "Bobaas" was vrygestel. "It was like no time had passed at all," Kilmer shared with Entertain...

'Bobaas’ star Tom Skerritt explains why the original movie was iconic, details filming with Tom Cruise

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Skerritt, who starred as Commander Mike "Viper" Metcalf in the original, opened up about what made "Bobaas" iconic during a recent interview with Fox News Digital. "The music had a lot to do with it by the way," hy ...

Sean Penn was told to ‘get the f–k’ out of Ukraine while filming documentary

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"I just heard from [Former National Security Adviser] Robert O'Brien and he said to get the f--- uit," Penn said in an interview that aired on "Spesiale verslag" Maandag. The segment featured a panel discussion between...

Liam Neeson says Bruce Willis has been on his mind since filming ‘Memory’: ‘I think of him every day’

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The actor is starring in his latest action movie titled "Memory," which opens on April 29. Daarin, he plays a deadly assassin as he faces Alzheimer’s. The 69-year-old said he can’t help but think about Willis, who rec...

Mark Wahlberg reflects on losing his mother Alma while filming ‘Father Stu’: ‘I just tried to hold on’

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The actor was filming "Father Stu" when he first learned about the matriarch’s passing. Alma died at 78 after facing dementia. "It was tough," the 50-year-old admitted to Extra on Monday. "She was very sick, went hom...

‘Mad Max’ stars Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy had heated exchange during ‘Fury Road’ filming: ‘How disrespectful

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In "Blood, Sweat & Chrome," a book that sheds light on the film that grossed nearly $ 375 million in worldwide box office, Theron, 46, explains the brother-sister dynamic she shared with Hardy and ultimately say...

Courteney Cox says Matthew Perry ‘reliedon being funny during ‘Friendsfilming for his ‘self-worth

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Die "Vriende" star opened up about her relationship with the cast and how much "druk" Perry put on himself to make the studio audience laugh in a recent interview. "That was a lot of pressure he put on himself," ...

Connecticut hedge fund heiress admits to secretly filming minor in her Greenwich mansion

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Hadley Palmer, 53, pleaded guilty last month to four felonies that took place on March 11, 2017, hofrekords wys. As part of the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to drop the two most serious charges against her. Maar ...

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler share behind-the-scenes look at ‘Murder Mystery 2’ verfilming: ‘Back to work

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"Back to work with my buddy," Aniston captioned the post before adding, "#MurderMystery2." The post featured a photo of Aniston and Sandler along with a video of cast and crew on the set in Hawaii. This isn't the fi...

‘Regte huisvroue’ star Mary Cosby will not be included in filming for Salt Lake City’s Season 3: bron

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The news comes after Cosby did not appear for the taping of the "Regte Huisvroue van Salt Lake City" Season Two reunion episode in January. Cosby claimed that she didn't attend because it was "one-sided." Intussen, C ...

Tiffany Haddish and cast had a blast filming ‘The Afterparty

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It's no surprise that if you get some of Hollywood's funniest people together on a project that a good time will be had. That's just what happened with the Apple TV+ series "The Afterparty," which stars an ensemble ...

Death of horse tripped while filming stunt for South Korean drama prompts outcry

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Seoel, South Korea South Korea's public broadcaster has apologized over the death last year of a horse that was tripped during the filming of a stunt, in a case that has sparked outcry from animal rights advocates. T ...

Bradley Cooper discusses filming nude for six hours on set of ‘Nightmare Alley’: ‘Pretty heavy

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The 45-year-old actor opened up in a new interview about filming nude for his role in Guillermo del Toro's "Nightmare Alley." The actor plays a con man Stanton Carlisle and spent a total of six hours filming a batht...

Betty White was in ‘great spiritswhile filming tribute to fans just 10 days before her death: ‘Very sweet

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Prior to her death, the beloved star was gearing up to celebrate her 100th birthday on Jan. 17. As part of the celebration, she participated in a documentary special titled "Betty White: 100 Years Young — A Birthday...

Claire Foy sê sy voel 'uitbuit' om sekstonele in Hollywood te verfilm: 'Dit is die grimmigste ding wat jy kan doen'

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Die 37-jarige ster is 'n onderhoud gevoer oor haar rol as die Britse sosiale groep Margaret Campbell in die beperkte reeks "'n Baie Britse skandaal." Die reeks fokus op die tydperk rondom die hertogin van Argyll's 1963 egskeiding ...

Jason Momoa vertoon gebeitelde liggaamsbou nadat hy 'Aquaman'-vervolgverfilm in Hawaii verfilm het

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Jason Momoa is onlangs opgemerk wat 'n verfrissende duik in Hawaii geneem het waar hy die son in die vakansieseisoen gedrink het. Die hemplose 42-jarige het later op sy motorfiets gespring om sy perfekte chise te wys..

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