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Alex Palou wins Indycar season opener in Alabama, Jimmie Johnson finishes 19th

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The Spaniard used a two-stop strategy on the picturesque permanent road course to take control of the race but still had to hold off hard-charging Will Power and Scott Dixon over the closing laps. The 24-year-old bea...

Fietsryer Primoz Roglic crash twee keer, ly aan 'n ontwrigte skouer, verloor ras voorsprong, maar is nog steeds klaar

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Fietsryer Primoz Roglic het Sondag in die laaste fase van die Paris-Nice-ren merkwaardige veerkragtigheid getoon nadat hy twee keer verongeluk het -- ontwrig sy skouer in die eerste -- en die groot voorsprong wat hy opgebou het, verloor. ...

Melania Trump finishes with worst first lady popularity rating ever

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Much has been written about President Donald Trump's historically low popularity ratings as he leaves office. But the tarnish on the Trump brand goes beyond the President. Melania Trump leaves the White House with ...

Trump finishes with worst first term approval rating ever

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Peiling van die week: A new Quinnipiac University poll finds that President Donald Trump's approval rating stands at 33%, while his disapproval is at 60%. An average of recent polls finds Trump with a 38% approval rati...

California firefighter finishes 60-hour shift and then rushes to help save his girlfriend’s parents’ huis toe

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Firefighter Grant Newnom was driving home after a 60-hour shift with the San Jose Fire Department when his girlfriend, Elise Jones, called to tell him a wildfire was threatening her parents' home. She was having Sun...