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The first firefighting robot in America is hereand it has already helped fight a major fire in Los Angeles

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A newly recruited firefighter in Los Angeles put out a major fire even before being formally introduced at a news conference. That new recruit is a robot. The Thermite RS3, the first robotic firefighting vehicle in ...

A teenager saved her family when they lost their sense of smell from Covid-19 and didn’t realize their house was on fire

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A Texas family who lost their sense of smell because they have coronavirus nearly died when a fire engulfed their house and they couldn't smell the smoke. The only family member who didn't have the virus was 17-year...

21 people injured in 8-alarm fire at an apartment building in Queens, Nueva York

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Sobre 350 firefighters are battling an eight-alarm fire that tore through an apartment building in Queens, Nueva York, el martes. Un total de 21 people were injured in the fire, according to the Fire Department of New...

School under fire for lesson that claimed George Floyd died of heart attack

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English teacher Hope Antonelli made the claim about Floyd as part of a ninth-grade English assignment on Friday, The Times Herald-Record reported. MINNEAPOLIS TO PAY $ 35M TO POLICE OFFICER WHO LEFT FORCE AMID GEORG...

Joe Francis reveals fire at beachfront Mexican estate allegedly caused by arson

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Media entrepreneur Joe Francis, who owns the Punta Mita-located estate, spoke to Fox News about the damage to his four-acre property and why the police are investigating. "The house was being rented by a group of 20...

Oregon’s Bootleg Fire is generating its own weather

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A pyrocumulus cloud from the fire – also known as a "fire cloud" – has formed over the blaze, bringing lightning and other threats and extending upward to 30,000 pies. CALIFORNIA UTILITY SAYS ITS EQUIPMENT MAY BE LIN...

Farrah Abraham sets Harvard sweatshirt on fire after accusing Ivy League university of ‘education abuse

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Farrah Abraham set fire to her Harvard sweatshirt after she blasted the university for alleged "educational abuse" against her. los "Madre adolescente" estrella, 30, took a blow torch to the white sweatshirt in a video posted on ...

La esposa del agente fronterizo critica el plan de Biden para despedir a los agentes no vacunados, dice que la Patrulla Fronteriza ya no tiene suficiente personal

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"No creo que él crea que trabaja para nosotros," Francés dijo. "Creo que tiene una agenda más grande, y no creo que a él realmente le importe, honestamente." La administración de Biden fue criticada esta semana después de que se presentara un denunciante..

Youngkin tours southwest Virginia in last-minute bid to fire up voters

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After campaigning across northern Virginia on Saturday, Youngkin’s bus tour of the southwest included a prayer breakfast, a worship service, a barbecue at the home of a powerful state lawmaker, a meet-and-greet, y ...

Por lo menos 38 personas muertas en el incendio de un ferry en Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Bangladesh al menos 38 personas han muerto en Bangladesh después de que un incendio arrasara una lancha en el río Sugandha en Bangladesh, dijo un funcionario el viernes. "Nos hemos recuperado 38 cuerpos hasta ahora," Kalam Hossain Bhu ...

PA GOP Senate Battle: David McCormick returns fire, calls on Dr. Oz to ‘renounce’ Turkish citizenship

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As McCormick, a West Point graduate, Gulf War combat veteran and former Treasury Department official in former President George W. Bush's administration, officially launched his bid to try and succeed retiring GOP Se...

USC professor under fire after using Chinese expression students allege sounds like English slur

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A business professor at the University of Southern California became the center of an international academic controversy last weekend, after ​the school administration received a letter accusing him of using Chinese...

A police officer rescued his own family from a house fire while on duty

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Imagine being a police officer responding to a call for a family trapped in a burning house fire, then realizing that the house is yours. Anthony Louie, a police officer in Oklahoma, lived through this nightmare. ...

Fire damages a summer camp Paul Newman started for sick children in Connecticut

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Authorities are investigating a fire that broke out at a summer camp started by the late actor Paul Newman for seriously ill children and their families. Connecticut state troopers and the Fire & Explosion Inves...

Kentucky kennel fire kills more than 50 perros

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Ron Kraemer, the owner of Doggy Style Kennels in Bardstown, announced on Facebook alongside a video of the burning kennels, that he had returned home from buying dog food with his associate to discover the horrific s...

GOP lawmaker on bill to fire Fauci: He’s been ‘wrong over and over again

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LAWMAKERS CALL FOR FAUCI RESIGNATION OR FIRING 'IMMEDIATELY' AMID COVID FLIP-FLOPS GUY RESCHENTHALER: I was skeptical of Dr. Fauci from the very beginning of this—and remember Fauci has been wrong over and over again...

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