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USC professor under fire after using Chinese expression students allege sounds like English slur

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A business professor at the University of Southern California became the center of an international academic controversy last weekend, after ​the school administration received a letter accusing him of using Chinese...

‘Kushner Villagetenants sue to block paying rent until fire system concerns are met

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Washington A group of tenants filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing Kushner Companies of illegally collecting rent and creating dangerous living conditions by failing to maintain working fire sprinkler systems in four New...

Oregon man arrested after starting brush fire with Molotov cocktail accused of setting six more after he was released, la policía dice

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An Oregon man was arrested after he admitted to setting a brush fire along a highway, la policía dijo, as wildfires burn through large swaths of the West Coast. Luego, ellos dijeron, he set six more. Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, w ...

Colorado residents asked to make evacuation plans as the Calwood Fire breaks out

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Colorado officials are asking residents in Jamestown to make evacuation plans as firefighters continue battling the newly sparked Calwood Fire. The fire began around noon Saturday north of Jamestown, according to G...

A California fire sparked by a gender reveal party has grown to nearly 10,000 hectáreas

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A fire sparked by a pyrotechnic device used during a gender reveal party has grown to nearly 10,000 acres since Saturday. The El Dorado Fire in San Bernardino County has scorched 9,671 acres and was only 7% containe...

The world’s largest wetlands are on fire. That’s a disaster for all of us

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The world watched as California and the Amazon went up in flames this year, but the largest tropical wetland on earth has been ablaze for months, largely unnoticed by the outside world. South America's Pantanal reg...

Louisiana nurse dies while rescuing paraplegic patient from a house fire

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A home nurse in Louisiana is being hailed a hero for saving her paraplegic patient from a house fire that ultimately killed her, las autoridades dijeron el miércoles. The Delhi Fire Department responded to a call of people t...

Dozens hospitalized after fire engulfs 33-story apartment building in South Korea

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Dozens were hospitalized in the South Korean city of Ulsan, after a fire engulfed multiple floors of an apartment building late Thursday night. The fire broke out at the 33-story building around 11 pm., and continu...

Colorado’s East Troublesome Fire is growing rapidly and forcing evacuations

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Grand County, Colorado, officials issued mandatory evacuations in response to the East Troublesome Fire -- a powerful blaze that's been exacerbated by windy and dry weather conditions and intensified significantly i...

Fire at West Virginia chemical plant prompts 2-mile radius shelter-in-place order and school closures

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A fire at a chemical plant in Belle, Virginia del Oeste, prompted a 2-mile radius shelter-in-place order, a county official told CNN. The fire has left at least two people hurt, Kanawha County Commission President Kent ...

Authorities found materials that could be used to make explosives in a Queens home following a fire

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Materials that could be used to make explosives were found in a Queens home after a fire was reported in part of the house Tuesday, las autoridades dijeron. The property's landlord found items that raised concern after the...

Fauci criticado por un informe que alega que el NIAID gastó 400.000 dólares en una investigación sobre la infección de perros con parásitos

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El Proyecto informó que el Dr.. El presupuesto de la burocracia de Anthony Fauci en 2021 es un estimado $ 6 mil millones, y que los documentos obtenidos a través de la FOIA muestran evidencia de un estudio en el que se trató a beagles por lo demás sanos..

Fire at Russian care home kills 11 elderly residents with mobility issues

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Eleven elderly residents were killed in a fire at a care home in Bashkortostan, Russia early on Tuesday morning, according to the state-run news outlet Tass. They had mobility issues and could not be quickly evacuat...

California utility PG&E is ‘criminally liablefor the fatal 2020 Zogg Fire, el fiscal dice

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Criminal charges will be filed against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in connection with Zogg Fire, which killed four people and damaged numerous homes and structures, the district attorney for Shasta County i...

Cardenales’ DeAndre Hopkins, NFL players fire back at league over COVID policy targeting unvaccinated players

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Arizona Cardinals veteran wideout DeAndre Hopkins tweeted shortly after news broke that the new policy makes him "question my future in the NFL." NFL SAYS COVID OUTBREAKS AMONG UNVACCINATED LAYERS MAY RESULT IN FORFE...

A police officer rescued his own family from a house fire while on duty

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Imagine being a police officer responding to a call for a family trapped in a burning house fire, then realizing that the house is yours. Anthony Louie, a police officer in Oklahoma, lived through this nightmare. ...

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