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Ten minste 6 mense wat in die hospitaal opgeneem is na 'n natuurlike gasontploffing en brand in Texas

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Minstens ses werknemers van CenterPoint Energy is Vrydag na plaaslike hospitale vervoer na wat die maatskappy beskryf het as 'n "natuurlike gasvoorval." Olivia Koch, woordvoerder van die maatskappy, het aan CNN gesê die voorval het plaasgevind in ...

Australia marks quietest fire season in a decade

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Australia's most populous state has closed out its quietest fire season in a decade, its fire service said, as the coolest and wettest summer in years offered a reprieve from the uncontrolled blazes that torched larg...

Authorities found materials that could be used to make explosives in a Queens home following a fire

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Materials that could be used to make explosives were found in a Queens home after a fire was reported in part of the house Tuesday, owerhede gesê. The property's landlord found items that raised concern after the...

California fire is now a ‘gigafire,’ a rare designation for a blaze that burns at least a million acres

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Wildfires have gotten so extreme in recent years that experts have had to coin new terms to describe their increasingly massive scale. Enter the "gigafire" -- a term for a blaze that burns at least a million acres o...

Capitol Building put on alert after a small fire several blocks away

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Washington A small fire at an apparent homeless encampment less than a mile away from the US Capitol Building on Monday prompted the building to enter lockdown, a reflection of the heightened state of alarm at the co...

Vragvliegtuig se enjin vlam aan die brand, vullis wat twee mense in 'n Nederlandse stad beseer, laat val

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Twee mense is beseer nadat stukke van 'n vragvliegtuig uitgebreek en op 'n dorp in Nederland geval het, volgens owerhede daar. Stukke metaal het op die stad Meerssen geval na 'n Boeing 747 vragvliegtuig ex ...

Cars clog highways as families flee East Troublesome Fire in Colorado

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The East Troublesome Fire is continuing to devastate parts of northern Colorado, swallowing homes and businesses in its path. Long lines of cars made their way out of the area as the fire continued to grow Thursday...

Brandstigting op brandstigting op Shaquille O’Neal se historiese Atlanta Krispy Kreme

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Ondersoekbeamptes sê die brand wat die donutwinkel van Atlanta Krispy Kreme in die voormalige NBA-ster Shaquille O'Neal vroeër vandeesmaand verydel het, was brandstigting. Die brand is vermoedelik doelbewus aan die brand gesteek..

Chile protest anniversary turns violent as churches burned, police fire tear gas

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Tens of thousands of Chileans gathered in the central square of Santiago to mark the one-year anniversary of mass protests that left over 30 dead and thousands injured, with peaceful rallies on Sunday devolving by ni...

Chinese fabrieke het aan die brand gesteek en ten minste 38 vermoor in Myanmar se dodelikste dag sedert staatsgreep

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Myanmar-veiligheidsmagte het minstens doodgemaak 38 mense Sondag in een van die dodelikste dae sedert die weermag die bewind oorgeneem het in 'n staatsgreep, en krygswet in ses gebiede verklaar nadat fabrieke wat deur China befonds is, aan die brand gesteek is ....

Colorado residents asked to make evacuation plans as the Calwood Fire breaks out

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Colorado officials are asking residents in Jamestown to make evacuation plans as firefighters continue battling the newly sparked Calwood Fire. The fire began around noon Saturday north of Jamestown, according to G...

Colorado’s East Troublesome Fire is growing rapidly and forcing evacuations

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Grand County, Colorado, officials issued mandatory evacuations in response to the East Troublesome Fire -- a powerful blaze that's been exacerbated by windy and dry weather conditions and intensified significantly i...

Detroit Lions se hoofafrigter en hoofbestuurder

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Die NFL se Detroit Lions het die hoofafrigter Matt Patricia en die hoofbestuurder Bob Quinn afgedank, aangekondig in 'n twiet Saterdag dat albei was "van hul pligte onthef." "Hulle is albei baie fyn mans en ons wil hulle niks toewens nie ...

Donald Trump doesn’t want to fire Anthony Fauci. He wants him to quit.

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For a guy best known in pop culture -- prior to 2016 -- for telling people "Jy is afgedank," Donald Trump doesn't actually like to fire people. His preferred method to get people to leave is to make his unhappiness w...

Dozens hospitalized after fire engulfs 33-story apartment building in South Korea

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Dozens were hospitalized in the South Korean city of Ulsan, after a fire engulfed multiple floors of an apartment building late Thursday night. The fire broke out at the 33-story building around 11 nm., and continu...

Earth, Wind & Fire and The Isley Brothers Verzuz was perfect Easter jam

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Folks are to be forgiven if they are exhausted today after the Easter Sunday Verzuz. That's because the match up between two legendary groups Earth Wind & Fire and the Isley Brothers lasted almost four hours. Bu...