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NASA’s JPL and DHS develop tech to help locate firefighters inside burning buildings

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Op Dinsdag, the agencies announced the development of the Precision Outdoor and Indoor Navigation and Tracking for Emergency Responders (POINTER) stelsel, which was devised to help locate and track firefighters inside...

Firefighters recovering after fire trucks overturn in separate accidents

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Several firefighters are recovering after their trucks overturned in separate accidents that closed roads in two states. In Henrico County, Virginia, a fire crew responding to an emergency call about an unconscious ...

'N Beseerde kaal arend wat in die vislyn verstrengel is, is deur twee kinders en 'n paar brandweermanne in Florida gered

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Brandbestryders in Florida het hierdie week gehelp om 'n kaal arend te red met 'n vishaak in sy snawel vas en die aangehegte lyn om sy vlerk en snawel. Brandbestryders by Pasco County Fire Rescue Station 21 op Donderdag ...

Firefighters on leave after a woman thought to be dead was found breathing at a funeral home

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Four Southfield, Michigan, firefighters are on paid administrative leave after a 20-year-old woman they pronounced dead was found breathing at a Detroit funeral home, volgens amptenare. Die vrou, identified a...

How an internet system from space is helping firefighters in Washington

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SpaceX's Starlink satellites are being used by emergency responders in Washington to help fight fires while bringing internet access to residents in areas devastated by wildfires. The company loaned seven terminals ...

A boy sent his Baby Yoda doll to Oregon firefighters. Now they take it on their calls

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When 5-year-old Carver learned about the wildfires ravaging his home state of Oregon, he told his grandmother Sasha Tinning he wanted to do something to help the heroes on the front lines. So, when Tinning heard ab...

Mexican firefighters arrive in California to help battle wildfires

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Firefighters from Mexico are in California to help battle the record-breaking wildfires ravaging the state. The US Forest Service in California welcomed firefighters from Mexico's National Forestry Commission on We...

Five-alarm Brooklyn blaze injures 6 firefighters as residents are evacuated

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Six New York City firefighters were injured in a five-alarm fire in Brooklyn on Saturday night, officials said on Twitter. FDNY reports 3 houses have been impacted. There are still no reports of injuries. The Bui...