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Illinois upsets Penn State in first-ever 9OT game

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Illinois wide receiver Casey Washington made the game-winning 2-point catch on a pass from Brandon Peters in the final overtime for the 20-18 vittoria, knocking off the No. 7 team in the nation. "I actually cried," wa ...

Oregon State University develops first-ever bipedal robot that can run a 5K

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Agility Robotics, a company launched at Oregon State University, developed Cassie through a $ 1 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Four-legged robots have a big advantage over bipedal...

Olimpiadi di Tokyo 2021: Japan’s Yuto Horigome captures first-ever skateboarding gold

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Japan’s Yuto Horigome picked up the medal in men’s street. He had initially faltered in his first two runs on the course at Ariake Urban Sports Park but was able to pull off high-scoring tricks in his third attempt a...

Kelly Ripa will write her first-ever book next year, promises ‘funnyand ‘honest’ leggere

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Il "Vivi con Kelly e Ryan" co-host will be penning her first book titled "Live Wire" nel 2022, People revealed on Tuesday. The book is described as a "collection of personal essays on childhood, motherhood, marri...

Gui Khury, 12, completes first-ever 1080 in competition

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Di venerdì, Khury set himself apart from some of the legends in the sport when he became the first person to land a 1080 on a vert ramp in competition, doing it at the X Games. The Brazilian boy completed the attempt ...

Paul George leads Clippers to franchise’s first-ever win in conference finals

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It only took 50 anni. Prima di 2021 NBA Playoffs, the Clippers had never made the conference finals. When the team was called the Buffalo Braves, they were eliminated in the Eastern Conference semifinals three tim...

First-ever Colorado River water shortage is now almost certain, new projections show

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Thousands of people will celebrate Memorial Day this weekend on the water of Lake Mead, appena 24 miles east of Las Vegas on the border of Arizona and Nevada. What they may not realize is that the oasis they're enjoyi...

FBI Director Wray appoints agency’s first-ever chief diversity officer

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FBI Director Christopher Wray announced Monday his decision to tap longtime high-ranking agent Scott McMillion for the role. "As our chief diversity officer, Scott is the right person to ensure that the FBI fosters a...

padri’ Joe Musgrove throws franchise’s first-ever no-hitter

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Joe Musgrove had 10 strikeouts and only allowed one baserunner -- a hit by pitch to Joey Gallo -- to record the franchise and his first no-hitter Friday night. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . "It's awesome to ...

Quad heads of state to hold first-ever summit this week

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Tokyo The leaders of the United States, Giappone, India and Australia will meet in a virtual summit this week, a source in Japan with direct knowledge of the talks told CNN on Tuesday. It will be the first time talks ha...

Teacher’s decades-old find on a Northern Ireland beach turns out to be the island’s first-ever dinosaur discovery

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You never know what you might find while walking along the beach. People often come across coins, shells and trash, but a teacher in Northern Ireland made a discovery that will go down in history. In the 1980s, il...

Abbaiare, cantano gli angeli araldi: Un "primo in assoluto’ È stata pubblicata la canzone di Natale per cani

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Ascoltare la stessa musica delle feste ancora e ancora e ancora, ogni anno, ha, fino ad ora, è stata solo una lotta umana. Ma ora i cani possono unirsi al divertimento. Una canzone che afferma di essere il primo singolo di Natale in assoluto..

Netflix collabora con la Norfolk State University in Virginia per il suo primo Boot Camp virtuale HBCU

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Il gigante dello streaming Netflix sta cercando di espandere l'accesso agli studenti neri nel settore tecnologico. Netflix ha annunciato giovedì che collaborerà con la Norfolk State University, un college storicamente nero in Virginia,...

Sarah McBride wins Democratic primary in Delaware on path to become first-ever transgender state senator

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Washington Transgender activist Sarah McBride on Tuesday won her party's nomination in Delaware for a state Senate seat, Progetti CNN, putting her on the path to become the person in the US who publicly identifies as...