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‘Miracle on Icecaptain couldn’t believe US Olympian said she’d burn flag: ‘I thought it was a prank

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Eruzione was baffled by the remark and said he thought it was "a prank." He then spoke about the meaning of competing in the Olympics representing the United States. US OLYMPIC ATHLETE THREATENED TO BURN FLAG ON MEDA...

A city council member in North Dakota declares she’s a proud lesbian during a heated debate over flying the Pride flag

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One after another, disgruntled North Dakotans took the podium at a city council meeting in Minot to air their grievances. At issue: the mayor's decision to raise the Pride flag at city hall a week earlier. One perso...


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South Carolinians are fiercely proud of the state's iconic indigo-blue flag, その薄い三日月と青々としたパルメットで. それで、歴史家の委員会がそのデザインを微調整することを任されたとき, residents of the state w...

A Wisconsin couple couldn’t fly their Pride flag, so they lit up their home like a rainbow

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Memo Fachino and his husband, Lance Mier, have flown a Pride flag in front of their Wisconsin home for five years. It's a symbol of inclusion, Fachino said, and a signal to the rest of their Racine neighborhood that...

AGガーランドが「レッドフラッグ’ 銃規制, 「この司法省は警察への資金提供を信じていません。’

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税関国境警備局は水曜日に遭遇したと発表しました 180,034 先月の南の国境での移民–過去3か月で最も多い数, 3月と4月が最高だったとしても...


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その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . ファイル - この12月に. 1, 2001, ファイル写真, チョリソとチーズのディップで次の試合の日を広げましょう.

An unauthorized Trump campaign flag was found in front of a California police department, prompting an investigation

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Police officials in Long Beach, カリフォルニア, said they removed an "unauthorized" "Make America Great Again" flag supporting President Donald Trump after it was seen flying outside of their station this weekend. "ポリ...


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アダム・ダグラス, アフガニスタンで船長として最後に務めた人物 2019, テンペの自宅に戻った, アリゾナ, メモリアルデーの週末を祝うためだったが、家の外にあるアメリカ国旗がなくなっていることに気付いた. オレゴン, ロードアイランド...

Arizona’s Flag Fire balloons in size, prompting evacuations

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The fire broke out near Kingman on Sunday around 2 午後. 沿って 5:30 午後, the fire had spread to cover around 600 エーカー. 周り 200 homes have so far been affected by the evacuation order. Flag Fire burning in...

陸軍-海軍のフットボールの試合は、ユニークな旗の記念碑を備えています 7,000 倒れた兵士

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2つのサービスアカデミーは、全国の何千人ものスポーツファンの前でエキサイティングなゲームを行い、グリッドアイアンで対戦します。, アメリカの堕落した人々を称えるユニークな旅の記念碑。.


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デトロイト美術館は最近、公開された芸術作品を公開しました。. ペインティング, ミシガン州スターリングハイツ警察のために作成された, ソーシャルメディアで反発を呼んだ, しかしながら, 多少の使用で...

Biden Pentagon, State Department at odds over pride flag

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"After some careful consideration the department will maintain the existing policy regarding the display" at military bases, Kirby told reporters. "There won’t be an exception made for the Pride flag. "This in no way...

バイデン国務省は、BLM旗が米国大使館で飛ばされることへの支持を合図します: 報告する

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匿名の国務省の情報源からのリークされたメモによると, 部門はそれを書いた "メッセージングコンテンツでの「BlackLivesMatter」という用語の使用をサポートします" スピーチや外交だけでなく。.

Boko Haram fighters have hoisted flag and forcefully acquired wives in Nigerian town, 知事は言う

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アブジャ, Nigeria Boko Haram fighters have reportedly hoisted the Islamist group's flag in a remote district in Niger State, Nigeria's Middle Belt region, and seized the wives of fleeing residents, the state's governor ...

ケイトリン・ジェンナー: Olympics should not be used as ‘political toolfor flag protests

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HOUSE REPUBLICANS EXPRESS CONCERN TO US OLYMPIC MITTEE OVER ATHLETES WHO PROTEST AGAINST THE US CAITLYN JENNER: I’ve been around the Olympics obviously for a long time. I was the first one in 1972 - I love my country...

Calif teacher who removed US flag, suggested students pledge allegiance to pride flag removed from classroom

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"She has been removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave, as our investigation continues," Newport Mesa Schools spokesperson Annette Franco confirmed to Fox News Wednesday. The teacher was identifi...

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