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Flash flood warnings and tornado watches issued for Texas counties as more than 100,000 are without power

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Flash flood warnings have been issued for several Texas counties, and some areas are under a tornado watch, as torrential rain has left more than 100,000 customers without power early Wednesday. The Houston metro a...

Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: Flash flooding risk for Gulf Coast, Carolinas

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Heavy rain will bring the risk of flash flooding. Flood advisories currently in effect. (Fox News)

Heavy rain brings flash flood emergency to Alabama, Southeastern states

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A flash flood emergency in Alabama knocked out power for tens of thousands of customers, toppled trees and forced boat rescues on city streets and highways. NATIONAL WEATHER FORECAST: DESTRUCTIVE STORMS TO FINALLY EX...

Millions of Americans brace for severe storms, flash floods and possible tornadoes this week

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A storm system bringing much needed rain to drought-stricken western states will also bring unwelcome severe storms this week to the Central US. Di domenica, showers and thunderstorms will move through areas of Califo...

Nashville flash flood leaves four dead and dozens of homes and businesses destroyed

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The city of Nashville is recovering from a deadly flood caused by heavy rains that prompted hundreds of rescues and killed four people. Authorities identified two of the four victims as men in their 60s and 70s who...

L'intera casa vola via mentre le inondazioni improvvise colpiscono la costa orientale dell'Australia

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Sabato la costa orientale dell'Australia è stata colpita da forti piogge, scatenando pericolose inondazioni improvvise che hanno costretto l'evacuazione di più regioni poiché le acque in rapido movimento hanno disormato case, strade inghiottite, rimorchio incagliato ...

Scores missing and two dead as burst glacier triggers flash floods in India

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In giro 157 people are missing and at least two confirmed dead after a glacier burst, triggering flash floods in India's northern Uttarakhand state on Sunday. The Rishiganga power project, in the Chamoli district of ...

DC Comics presenta il suo primo personaggio Flash non binario

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È la prima volta per The Flash. DC Comics sta introducendo una nuova iterazione del velocissimo supereroe: Jess Chambers, altrimenti noto come "Kid Quick," è un non binario, carattere di genere fluido che usa i pronomi. Ragazzo ...