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密西根州的一名警察在逃离车辆中射杀一名乘客后被起诉, 国家股份公司说

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洛厄尔, 密西根州, 警察星期二被殴打, 去年他向逃离的车辆开火后,行为不检和武器指控, 伤头部的乘客, 密歇根州总检察长达娜·尼斯.

US tennis player Sam Querrey accused of fleeing Russia after testing positive for coronavirus

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American tennis player Sam Querrey is under scrutiny for leaving Russia on a private jet after testing positive for Covid-19. The 33-year-old and his wife had tested positive for the virus ahead of the St. Petersbur...

德克萨斯州政府. 雅培呼吁民主党人“旅行的灾难”’ 逃离奥斯汀前往华盛顿: '选民感到不安’

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雅培告诉 "美国报道" 德州人意识到数十名逃离的州议会议员正在为他们逃避纳税人资助的工作,而且这次旅行是一次 "灾难。" "他们的构成...

Three Houston parking valets fatally struck by car fleeing police

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Three parking valets were fatally struck by a driver fleeing police late Friday in Houston, 警察说. The pursuit started after a police sergeant saw a car doing donuts in a private parking lot about 10 下午. 当地...

Ted Cruz mocks VP Harris‘ridiculouscomparison of fleeing Texas Dems to civil rights leaders

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HARRIS SAYS DEMOCRATS WHO FLED TEXAS 'IN LINE' WITH LEGACY OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, SELMA MARCHERS, SUFFRAGETTES TED CRUZ: It's actually pretty ridiculous. Last I checked, the heroic civil rights protesters on the Edmu...

波旁街上的新奥尔良枪击案落叶 5 受伤的; 视频显示人群逃离枪声

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发生在附近波旁街和奥尔良大道交叉口附近的枪击事件 3 上午. 至少五人受伤, 新奥尔良警察局表示. 1人被拘留, 警察说 ...

'你的世界’ on Cuban protests, Democrats fleeing Texas

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尼尔·卡沃托, 福克斯新闻主播: 谢谢, 玛莎, very much.We are keeping our eyes on the Capitol right now, not the one in Texas, the one in Washington, 直流电, because those dozens of Democratic legislators who bolte...

Mark Levin rips Texas Democrat ‘clownsfor fleeing state to block election bill

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TEXAS’ ABBOTT SAYS DEMS WHO ‘FLED’ STATE OVER ELECTIONS BILL WILL BE ARRESTED UPON RETURN MARK LEVIN: It’s obvious that they don’t believe in a representative republic. That's why they want to destroy the separation ...

匈牙利议员逃离“性爱派对”辞职’ 沿着排水管爬下来

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匈牙利执政党菲德兹党的欧洲议会一名高级成员辞职,此前他承认自己违反了比利时的冠状病毒禁制令,参加了一次国际媒体形容的私人聚会。 ...

Texas GOP Chair rips fleeing Democrats for ‘performance theater’, says they created ‘super spreader event

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"Texas House Democrats engaged in performance theater for weeks claiming Gov. Abbott was putting lives at risk by reopening the state economy and waiving the statewide mask mandate," Travis County GOP Chairman Matt M...


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马德里 加泰罗尼亚前总统卡尔斯·普伊格蒙特周四在意大利撒丁岛被捕,罪名与他在加泰罗尼亚竞标失败中的活动有关。 2017 脱离西班牙, 法院官员...

Texas law ‘explicitlygives House speaker authority to arrest fleeing Dems: 泰德·克鲁斯

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CRENSHAW SLAMS ‘DELINQUENT’ TEXAS DEMOCRATS WHO FLED TO DC ON PRIVATE JET: ‘YOU GUYS ARE PATHETIC’ SENATOR TED CRUZ: I think it's going to end with the Texas legislature taking up and passing election integrity legis...

‘五个’ on Democratsfleeing Texas, Biden’s speech

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杰西沃特斯, 福克斯新闻主持: 你好, 大家. I'm Jesse Watters along with Judge Jeanine Pirro, 哈罗德福特, 小, 达娜·佩里诺和格雷格·古特菲尔德. 它的 5:00 in New York City and this is THE FIVE.A huge battle over vot...

查克·德沃尔: 德州’ fleeing Dem lawmakers – here’s why they’ll be back soon

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一般, this would just be a fundraising trip to see powerful special interests in the nation’s capital. But this flight out of Austin had a different purpose – a quorum-busting walkout to prevent a vote on an elec...

阿富汗记者, 女权活动家描述在西班牙记者的帮助下逃离塔利班

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安全抵达西班牙后, 卡迪亚·阿明, 记者, 和马苏达·科希斯塔尼, 女权活动家, 在接受福克斯新闻采访时描述了他们逃离塔利班控制的国家. 小西谷 ...

麦当劳的员工试图通过逃离顾客来阻止战斗: 报告

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当局在乔治亚州逮捕了一名嫌疑人,他被指控在得来速时向麦当劳员工吐口水. 据报道,另一名员工在嫌疑人被枪杀后受伤,但没有生命危险。.

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