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‘Tragicto see Biden admin ‘flip switchand reverse Trump policies at border: Mike Pompeo

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BIDEN ADMIN ASKS FOR GOVERNMENT VOLUNTEERS AT THE BORDER AMID CRISIS MIKE POMPEO: I always find it interesting when they talk about the fact that we did America alone, when in fact the deal that we struck to secure o...

Il 10 I seggi del Senato molto probabilmente cambieranno 2022

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Le elezioni al Senato si svolgono in genere solo ogni due anni -- tranne che a volte sono tre anni di fila. I democratici hanno ottenuto due seggi a novembre 2020. A gennaio ne hanno vinte altre due nei ballottaggi in Georgia 2021. E in ...

3 new Democratic senators to be sworn in, which will flip control of the Senate

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Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is expected to swear in three new, barrier-breaking Democratic senators on Wednesday afternoon after her own inauguration, officially giving Democrats control of the Senate for the...

Democrats flip suburban Georgia House seat

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In Democrats' first major House pickup, Carolyn Bourdeaux has flipped the open seat in Georgia's 7th District, CNN projected Monday. Her victory in the northeast Atlanta suburbs comes as the Peach State is quickly b...

Some House Democrats fall while the party fails to flip some key suburban districts

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House Democrats went into election night feeling good about expanding their majority, but haven't had the big night they hoped for so far, with at least two Democrats in seats President Donald Trump won in 2016 losi...

Il 10 Senate seats most likely to flip, one week from Election Day

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The Senate majority is firmly within Democrats' reach with just a week to go until Election Day. That wasn't necessarily expected a year ago, but Democrats' improving fortunes have a lot do with President Donald Tr...

‘Flip or Flopreturning with new episodes

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Get ready of a new season of "Flip o Flop." Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead may have divorced, but they are still buying homes and flipping them for their hit HGTV series, which will return with 15 new episod...