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Hurricane Pamela flood threats taper off as storms develop across Mississippi, Ohio Valleys

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HURACAN IDA: CASKETS, VAULTS DISPLACED IN LOUISIANA Severe weather over the Mid-Mississippi, Ohio Valleys (Crédito: Fox News) A few strong to severe thunderstorms will develop across the Mid-Mississ...

Homeowners brace for more expensive flood insurance as FEMA launches changes to program

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Homeowners in flood-prone areas are bracing for rising insurance rates as the Federal Emergency Management Agency launches a revamp of its flood insurance program. The changes to the National Flood Insurance Progra...

Mujer varada en aguas de inundación de Washington DC salvada por autobús lleno de marines: "La cosa más americana de todos los tiempos’

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Virginia Waller-Torres se quedó atascada en su automóvil fuera del Cementerio Nacional de Arlington durante una inundación repentina en septiembre. 16 cuando un autobús se detuvo y seis infantes de marina saltaron para ayudar. Grabó un video del rescate y publicó ...

Tropical Cyclone Nicholas remnants pose heavy rain, flood threats

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Moisture will target portions of the Tennessee and lower Ohio valleys and the southern Appalachians. Adicionalmente, some onshore winds off the Southeast coast will bring more moisture to the system, supporting heavy...

Tropical Depression Nicholas will bring flood threats as wildfire danger continues throughout US West

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TROPICAL STORM NICHOLAS IMPACTS GULF COAST STATES, ANOTHER DISTURBANCE BEING MONITORED Flood watches and warnings remain in effect from far southeastern Texas through Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. ...

Loretta Lynn announces all-star benefit concert for Tennessee flood victims: ‘Love is stronger’

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The country music legend and Humphreys County resident has enlisted her pals Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Luke Bryan and Luke Combs to participate in the show, with more to be announced. "The flood that devastated ...

A mom and her baby had to be rescued by kayak as flood waters overtook their Tennessee home

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As the floodwater rapidly rose in her Waverly, Tennesse, hogar, Vanessa Yates climbed on the kitchen counters with her 4-month-old daughter in her arms and called for help. "I just felt like I was going to drown," s...

Loretta Lynn’s beloved ranch foreman dies in Tennessee flood

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Loretta Lynn's ranch foreman, Wayne Spears, died in the Tennessee floods on Sunday after he was swept up in the rising waters, according to a Facebook post from a "desconsolado" Lynn. "There are no words at the ranc...

Foreman of Loretta Lynn’s Tennessee ranch killed in flood

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The ranch in Hurricane Mills announced the death of Wayne Spears in a Sunday Facebook post — which was subsequently shared by the 89-year-old country singer. "There are no words at the ranch today…only tears," Lynn w...

Post-tropical cyclone Fred prompts flood watches, advertencias

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Flood watches and warnings have been issued across West Virginia, eastern Ohio and north through Pennsylvania and New York. While the system still continues to weaken, several inches of rain will fall along its pat...

Central Rockies facing heavy rain, flash flood risk

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A stalled frontal boundary will concentrate rounds of storms and heavy rain from the Gulf Coast to the Southeast Coast. Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat advisories are in effect. (Fox News) Excess...

Kentucky mom found dead after getting caught in flash flood in Arizona canyon

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Heather Rutledge, 43, of Louisville, was hiking with her husband and three sons Saturday in the Labyrinth Canyon area in Page, Arizona, when they were all caught in an afternoon flash flood. Rutledge reportedly drown...

Southwest, Rockies face heavy rain and flood risk this week

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Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories are in effect for the interior Northwest as well as the desert Southwest as afternoon highs become dangerously hot for both regions. Heat advisories currently i...

Bucks fans flood Deer District ahead of NBA Finals Game 6

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Social media was left speechless as cameras toured the packed area outside the arena. Fans are hoping the Bucks can pick up their first NBA title since 1971 with a win over the Phoenix Suns. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS DEPORTE..

Fact check: Flood image of BMW with anti-Greta Thunberg sticker is a fake

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As deadly floods ravaged Germany and other parts of western Europe this week, an image began circulating on social media -- among people speaking multiple languages. The image showed a BMW partially submerged in th...

Biden border policies have allowed drugs to flood into US as overdose deaths hit new record: Angel mom

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"This partnership in combination with our current border policies have allowed this fentanyl to continuously pour over the Southwest border practically unabated," PAIN founder Virginia Krieger said Thursday on "Amer...

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