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Los viajeros fronterizos de California siguieron esperando mientras los migrantes inundaban los cruces: reporte

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Según los informes, los retrasos se deben, al menos en parte, al creciente número de no ciudadanos que intentan pasar por los puertos de entrada. Un viajero recientemente esperó hasta siete horas para cruzar la frontera, él t ...

Move over, Rudolph: Streaming adds to the flood of holiday specials

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Far from the holiday specials of the past -- which dutifully arrived on the major networks each year, from Frosty and Rudolph to Charlie Brown and the Grinch -- much of this year's barrage of Christmas specials will...

Central Rockies facing heavy rain, flash flood risk

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A stalled frontal boundary will concentrate rounds of storms and heavy rain from the Gulf Coast to the Southeast Coast. Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat advisories are in effect. (Fox News) Excess...

NYPD hunting for Times Square shooter as officials announce new plan to flood area with more cops

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The New York Police Department (Policía de Nueva York) released new video of the gunman believed suspected of shooting the recent military college graduate and second lieutenant in the back as he was walking through bustling Times Sq...

One of the biggest tidal flood events of the past two decades, forecasters predict

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Sobre 20 million people are under alerts for coastal flooding, including residents of Baltimore and Washington, corriente continua, as a large and powerful low pressure system shifts from the central US toward the Northeast. "Derecha ...

Biden border policies have allowed drugs to flood into US as overdose deaths hit new record: Angel mom

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"This partnership in combination with our current border policies have allowed this fentanyl to continuously pour over the Southwest border practically unabated," PAIN founder Virginia Krieger said Thursday on "Amer...

Loretta Lynn announces all-star benefit concert for Tennessee flood victims: ‘Love is stronger’

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The country music legend and Humphreys County resident has enlisted her pals Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Luke Bryan and Luke Combs to participate in the show, with more to be announced. "The flood that devastated ...

Florida officials lift evacuation order after wastewater reservoir leak flood fears ease

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Officials said the reservoir continues to leak but the water escaping is being offset by a pumping effort. This aerial photo taken from an airplane shows a reservoir near the old Piney Point phosphate mine,...

Mujer varada en aguas de inundación de Washington DC salvada por autobús lleno de marines: "La cosa más americana de todos los tiempos’

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Virginia Waller-Torres se quedó atascada en su automóvil fuera del Cementerio Nacional de Arlington durante una inundación repentina en septiembre. 16 cuando un autobús se detuvo y seis infantes de marina saltaron para ayudar. Grabó un video del rescate y publicó ...

El potente sistema de tormenta trae consigo condiciones de ventisca, mas nieve, preocupaciones por la lluvia y las inundaciones

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Más de siete millones de estadounidenses están bajo alertas de clima invernal y sobre 300,000 bajo advertencias de ventisca el domingo por la mañana en medio de un poderoso sistema de tormentas que cubrió partes de las llanuras occidentales con nieve y unle ...

21 Chinese miners trapped by underground flood in Xinjiang coal mine

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Eight miners have been rescued and 21 remain trapped in a coal mine that flooded in northwest China's Xinjiang region, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday, citing a local emergency department. A part...

Arizona’s migrant flood captured on hidden trail cameras

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"I've lived on the border for years and it was fine. Now they've overrun us," said the Arizona man who set up the cameras. "I am not a prejudiced person, but when you have the Border Patrol chasing people across you...

Chennai comes to a standstill as heavy rains flood city

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India's manufacturing capital Chennai came to a standstill on Sunday, with many areas flooded after the southern Indian coast was battered by heavy rainfall overnight, prompting authorities to issue warnings and evac...

Homeowners brace for more expensive flood insurance as FEMA launches changes to program

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Homeowners in flood-prone areas are bracing for rising insurance rates as the Federal Emergency Management Agency launches a revamp of its flood insurance program. The changes to the National Flood Insurance Progra...

Trump aides flood Senate and gubernatorial races as consultants and pollsters

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More than a dozen onetime aides and advisers to former President Donald Trump have signed on to assist Republicans competing in statewide and federal contests across the country, in some cases setting up potential s...

Bucks fans flood Deer District ahead of NBA Finals Game 6

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Social media was left speechless as cameras toured the packed area outside the arena. Fans are hoping the Bucks can pick up their first NBA title since 1971 with a win over the Phoenix Suns. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS DEPORTE..

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