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21 Minatori cinesi di carbone intrappolati dall'alluvione sotterranea

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La miniera nella contea di Hutubi nella regione dello Xinjiang è stata allagata all'incirca 6:10 p.m. di sabato, ha detto l'agenzia di stampa Xinhua. Ha detto che otto persone sono state salvate. Le miniere di carbone cinesi sono tra le più letali al mondo, regolarmente...

21 Minatori cinesi intrappolati dall'alluvione sotterranea nella miniera di carbone dello Xinjiang

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Otto minatori sono stati salvati e 21 rimangono intrappolati in una miniera di carbone allagata nella regione dello Xinjiang della Cina nordoccidentale, Lo ha riferito domenica l'agenzia di stampa statale cinese Xinhua, citando un pronto soccorso locale. Una parte ...

Florida officials lift evacuation order after wastewater reservoir leak flood fears ease

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Officials said the reservoir continues to leak but the water escaping is being offset by a pumping effort. This aerial photo taken from an airplane shows a reservoir near the old Piney Point phosphate mine,...

Nashville flash flood leaves four dead and dozens of homes and businesses destroyed

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The city of Nashville is recovering from a deadly flood caused by heavy rains that prompted hundreds of rescues and killed four people. Authorities identified two of the four victims as men in their 60s and 70s who...

Powerful storm system brings with it blizzard conditions, more snow, rain and flood concerns

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More than seven million Americans are under winter weather alerts and about 300,000 under blizzard warnings Sunday morning amidst a powerful storm system that blanketed parts of the western Plains with snow and unle...

Autorità in allerta mentre i sostenitori pro-Trump invadono DC per protestare contro le elezioni

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Centinaia di agenti delle forze dell'ordine si sono mobilitati in tutta Washington mentre migliaia di sostenitori che rifiutano di accettare la perdita elettorale del presidente Donald Trump si sono riversati nella capitale della nazione per protestare contro il Congr ...

Streaming TV and movies became a flood in 2020. But that comes at a cost

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L'anno 2020 will be remembered for many things, but in terms of movies and TV, it will mark the moment when streaming became a flood. While that has huge business implications for entertainment companies, it also ...

Spostati, Rudolph: Streaming adds to the flood of holiday specials

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Far from the holiday specials of the past -- which dutifully arrived on the major networks each year, from Frosty and Rudolph to Charlie Brown and the Grinch -- much of this year's barrage of Christmas specials will...