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Floods, grondverskuiwings, kill dozens in Indonesia and East Timor

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Jakarta, Indonesia Flash floods unleashed by torrential rains killed 41 people on the Indonesian island of Flores on Sunday, the disaster management agency BNPB said, and at least three more were reported killed in n...

Entire house floats away as flash floods batter Australia’s east coast

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Australia's east coast was smashed by heavy rains on Saturday, sparking dangerous flash flooding that forced the evacuation of multiple regions as the fast-moving waters unmoored houses, engulfed roads, stranded tow...

Scores missing and two dead as burst glacier triggers flash floods in India

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Rondom 157 people are missing and at least two confirmed dead after a glacier burst, triggering flash floods in India's northern Uttarakhand state on Sunday. The Rishiganga power project, in the Chamoli district of ...

Indonesian village turns red as floods hit batik-manufacturing hub

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Jakarta, Indonesia A surreal, blood-red river inundated the Indonesian village of Jenggot after floods hit a nearby batik factory on Saturday, causing a frenzy on social media. Thousands of users on Twitter shared p...

Meer as 100 dead as Vietnam reels from ‘worst floods in decades

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Meer as 100 people are dead and thousands of homes have been submerged in some of Vietnam's most severe floods in decades, with authorities warning that more bad weather is to come. The death toll from weeks of f...

Dozens killed in floods across Southeast Asia as tropical storm Nangka approaches

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Byna 40 people have died in Vietnam and Cambodia and scores more were missing, including rescuers, due to prolonged heavy rain and flash flooding as tropical storm Nangka edged towards the Vietnamese coast on Tues...

At least one dead, 19 missing in floods in France and Italy

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A fireman died and 19 people were missing in France and Italy after a storm hit border regions of the two countries, causing heavy flooding that swept away roads and damaged homes, authorities said on Saturday. Die ...