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Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul mix it up at PR event, champ shouts ‘I’ll kill you

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Jake Paul got in Mayweather’s face while he was doing an interview, and he decided to rip Mayweather’s hat off his head and then tried to run away. En el video, you could see that punches were thrown, and Jake Paul’...

Juicio de Derek Chauvin: Lack of oxygen killed George Floyd, not drugs, experto dice

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"A healthy person subjected to what Mr. Floyd was subjected to would have died," said prosecution witness Dr. Martin Tobin, a lung and critical care specialist at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital and Loyola Universit...

New York Times: Los asesores de la Casa Blanca de Trump redactaron una proclamación sobre la Ley de Insurrección en medio de las protestas de Floyd

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Los ayudantes de la Casa Blanca de Washington prepararon un borrador de proclamación en junio pasado para invocar la Ley de Insurrección mientras el entonces presidente Donald Trump debatía el despliegue de soldados estadounidenses en servicio activo en respuesta a las protestas después de la muerte de ...

Floyd Ray Roseberry identified as Library of Congress bomb scare suspect

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Floyd Ray Roseberry exited his black pick-up truck approximately five hours after he pulled onto the sidewalk near Independence Avenue and First Street around 9:15 soy., causing 911 callers to report a disturbance, U ...

George Floyd death: Chauvin could face tougher sentence as Minnesota judge finds aggravating factors

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Though found guilty on all three counts, Minnesota law says that Chauvin will only be sentenced for the most serious count – second-degree murder – which carries a maximum prison sentence of 40 años. But because he ...

Biden ignores $1B in riot damage while praising George Floyd protesters after Chauvin conviction

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The president said the protesters demonstrated "in peace and with purpose," a description that applied to the majority of marches in support of justice for Floyd. But Biden made no mention of the rioting that also oc...

Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather sued over promotion of crypto token

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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. are facing a lawsuit alleging the celebrities misled investors in their promotion of a cryptocurrency token. La demanda, filed Jan. 7 in Los Ange...

Un año después de George Floyd: Una carta a mi hijo negro

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Keith Magee es teólogo, asesor político y estudioso de la justicia social. Es presidente y profesor de práctica en justicia social en la Universidad de Newcastle. (Reino Unido) and Senior Fellow in Culture and Justice at...

Conor McGregor critica a Floyd Mayweather por el incidente de Jake Paul: "Pro a pro es vergonzoso’

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Mayweather se involucró en el altercado con Paul el jueves mientras hacía una conferencia de prensa para su próxima pelea con el hermano mayor de Paul., Logan, en Junio 6 en el Hard Rock Stadium de Florida. Jake Paul se enfureció..

Chauvin trial witness sums up what George Floyd means for Black people in America

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The teenager who filmed former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin pressing his knee into George Floyd's neck testified that she saw her own family members in the late Black man. "When I look at George Floyd, ....

Brett Favre finds it ‘hard to believethat Derek Chauvin intentionally killed George Floyd

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Fast-forward to Wednesday, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback reacted to ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin being found guilty on all three charges in the May 2020 muerte de George Floyd. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA ...

Virginia lieutenant governor says he was treated like George Floyd or Emmett Till when told to resign over sexual assault allegations

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Virginia teniente. Gobernador. Justin Fairfax compared the calls for him to resign following sexual assault allegations against him in 2019 to the high-profile killings of two Black men, using the comment to attack former Gov. T ...

The George Floyd Memorial Foundation and a Texas university have launched an internship program for Black men

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The George Floyd Memorial Foundation has teamed up with Texas A&M University-Commerce to launch an internship program for Black male students, the school announced this week. The Be His Legacy Internship Program...

Dermot Shea says NYPD did ‘phenomenal job’ during George Floyd protests

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"I think we responded to a very difficult situation. I think the officers did a phenomenal job under extremely difficult circumstances," Shea said as he was interrogated by the Department of Investigation, según ...

Pat Robertson: Derek Chauvin should be put ‘under the jailfor death of George Floyd

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Robertson, 91, made the comment during an appearance on "los 700 Club," where he decried what he called an "onslaught" of police violence following the recent fatal shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minn....

NYPD investigating vandalism of the George Floyd statue in Brooklyn as a hate crime

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New York A statue of George Floyd that was unveiled in New York on Juneteenth by Floyd's brother was vandalized early Thursday morning and police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, a law enforcement offi...

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