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バイデン政権は、タイトルを介して追放された移民の飛行を開始します 42 COVIDの恐れの中でメキシコに

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政権は、タイトルを使用して、独身の成人と一部の移民家族を追放し続けています 42 トランプ政権の間に最初に導入され、最近センターによって先週延長された命令。.


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ロンドン (CNNビジネス)プロトタイプの空飛ぶクルマがスロバキアの2つの都市間のテスト飛行を完了しました, 支出 35 空中分. クラインビジョンのAirCarは月曜日にニトラと首都ブラチスラバの間を飛んだ, acc.。.

A city council member in North Dakota declares she’s a proud lesbian during a heated debate over flying the Pride flag

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One after another, disgruntled North Dakotans took the podium at a city council meeting in Minot to air their grievances. At issue: the mayor's decision to raise the Pride flag at city hall a week earlier. One perso...

「オリンピックバット」が以上の飛行をした後、猫に殺された 1,200 ロンドンからロシアまでのマイル

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プスコフ地方のロシアの小さな村モルジーノの住人が地面で発見したとき、メスのナツシウスのピピストレルバットはネコによって負傷していました。. 彼女はちょうど体重を量った 8 グラム (.28 オンス) an ...

Chunk of highway goes flying through truck’s windshield after lightning strikes road

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A lightning strike sent a chunk of highway through the windshield of a truck in Florida on Monday and authorities say the truck's occupants are lucky that their injuries weren't more severe. When fire rescue crews ...

テキサスHOAは、木から飛んでいるベテランのアメリカ国旗が州に違反していると言います, 合衆国法典

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Piricsはそれ以来オースティンのエイブリーランチ地区に住んでいます 2004 そして "入居直後" 彼の前庭の木に旗を表示しました, ベテランは言った "狐 & 友達" 日曜日に. "私はthをしました。.

Florida officials say several people charged in flying squirrel trafficking operation

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At least seven people have been arrested and charged in an "elaborate organized enterprise" to smuggle Florida's flying squirrels -- protected wildlife in the state -- and sell them, investigators announced Monday. ...

Candace Owens slams US embassies for flying Black Lives Matter flag: They are ‘celebrating Black death’

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キャンディス・オーウェンズ: アメリカ. embassies are celebrating Black death. I cringe when people call it Black Lives Matter protests because it’s Black Lives Matter riots. The cities burned for six weeks straight following the de...

Antarctic fossil could have been the biggest flying bird ever, 研究は見つけます

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1980年代には, paleontologists at the University of California Riverside visited Seymour Island, part of an island chain in the Antarctic Peninsula. They brought home a number of fossils -- including the foot bone an...

Business exec and his wife charged after flying into remote Canadian town to get Covid-19 vaccine, 当局は言う

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The former president and CEO of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and his wife are facing charges -- including failure to self-isolate -- after allegedly chartering a plane to a small town in western Canada and ...

Tennessee lawmakers alarmed by reports White House secretly flying migrant children into state

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The White House is transporting migrants into an airport in Chattanooga from where they are bused to cities within the Southeast, as first reported by local news outlet WRCB-TV Channel 3. 担当者. マーシャブラックバーン, R-Ten...

A man flying in a jetpack has been spotted again in the skies over Los Angeles

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An unidentified man was seen flying in a jetpack near the Los Angeles International Airport ... 再び. The man was spotted by a flight crew around 1:45 午後. 水曜日, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed ...

Saudi Arabia is planning a futuristic city of clean energy and flying taxis. Don’t build it with abusive labor practices

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Michael Eisner, (@Mikeyeis) General Counsel of Democracy for the Arab World Now, and Mustafa Qadri (@mustafa_qadri) is founder and Executive Director of Equidem, a specialist labor rights consultancy and charity. ...

‘Mega cometdiscovered flying into solar system: 科学者

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The comet, として知られている 2014 UN271, was first discovered by the Dark Energy Survey (DES) – an international collaborative project started in 2013 that is listed as working at Chile's Victor Blanco Telescope and was found...

ジェット’ Zane Lewis taking off in NFL after flying at Air Force

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As a cadet in the Air Force Academy's powered flight program, Lewis would strap into the cockpit with a trainer and take off. He'd glide the Cirrus SR20 over the campus and get breathtaking views of Colorado Springs....

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