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A planned 9/11 military flyover in NYC was canceled after widespread backlash

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A military flyover set for Friday afternoon, which was met with criticism from New York politicians for its timing on the anniversary of 9/11, è stato cancellato. The flyover was scheduled to occur at 3:30 p.m. ET venerdì ...

US Army and FAA investigating military flyover of NFL game

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Washington The US military and the Federal Aviation Administration are reviewing a flyover of an NFL game last month to determine if the military helicopters flew too low over civilians in violation of aviation regul...

White House press briefing interrupted by flyover for new WWI memorial

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Low-flying F-22 Raptors momentarily interrupted the White House press briefing on Friday as their roar could be heard and felt in buildings in and around downtown Washington. While describing President Joe Biden's u...

California town mixes up Russian fighter jet and USAF jet to promote Super Bowl flyover

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"Appena prima 3:30 P.M., the @usairforce will flyover #SantaMonica and #Malibu in preparation for the National Anthem performance for #Superbowl at SoFi Stadium," the city’s official Twitter account posted along with ...

Super Bowl to honor 75th anniversary of the US Air Force with rare pregame flyover

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Steve Hinton, who's spent the last 25 years flying aircraft with the U.S. Air Force Heritage Flight team, spoke to Fox News Digital about the unique opportunity the Air Force will have to display its finest military ...

US conducts Taiwan Strait flyover amid tensions with China

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A US Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance plane flew over the Taiwan Strait on Friday in a demonstration of the United States' "commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific," just days after dozens of Chinese warplanes e...