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‘Anti-wall and AWOL’: Arizona governor calls on Biden, Harris to focus more attention on border crisis

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MORE THAN 130 UNDOCUMENTED MIGRANTS SURRENDER TO ARIZONA BORDER PATROL DOUG DUCEY: We’ve had no interaction with the vice president or the president, we have had a conversation with Secretary Mayorkas and what he's g...

‘Master of Nonechanges direction and focus with ‘Moments in Love

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After a four-year hiatus, "Master of None" returns in title only, with the same creative auspices but a completely different focus. The result, subtitled "Moments in Love," shifts to Lena Waithe's Denise character, ...

A brighter horizon is coming into focus for many Americans

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It's been a year of fear, delayed plans and loss. As the country begins to open up, many are reflecting on how the pandemic changed their lives and what they are hopeful for. Share how you're feeling with CNN Opinio...

Ad hoc extremist groups come into focus in post-January 6 criminal charges

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When officers arrested Robert Morss of Pennsylvania on charges related to the January 6 Disturbios en el capitolio, they found in his car a notebook with a page titled, "Step by Step to Create Hometown Militia." Beneath it Morss...

Ari Fleischer sobre "Faulkner Focus": ¿Qué hay detrás de la peor encuesta para el presidente Biden?

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‘TRUMAN SHOW PRESIDENCY': BIDEN RIDICULED FOR USING FAKE WHITE HOUSE SET ARI FLEISCHER: Ellos son, y en justicia, they're an outlier. This is the worst poll we've seen for President Biden. There are other polls that...

Arizona AG sobre "Faulkner Focus": Regale a los migrantes un cuadro de Hunter Biden, no es dinero de los contribuyentes estadounidenses

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PLAN DE OFERTA INFORMADO PARA PAGAR A LOS INMIGRANTES ILEGALES $ 450k PODRÍA SUPERAR LOS PAGOS A ALGUNOS 9/11, FAMILIAS MILITARES MARK BRNOVICH: El presidente Biden no ha estado atado a la Constitución ni a ninguna autoridad legal desde el día en adelante..

Army’s social justice push taking focus off mission: Jocko Willink

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Jocko Willink, who served 20 years in the U.S. Armada, joined the premiere of "Unfiltered with Dan Bongino" Saturday to discuss the Army's social justice push. "We can call it whatever you want to call it, you can pain...

As America’s youth faces mental health ‘crisis,’ Biden admin sets focus on pandemic’s impact on children

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The first volume of the handbook, released in February, issued guidance on how to safely reopen U.S. public schools during the pandemic while the second volume makes clear that months of school closures may have nega...

AstraZeneca hopes the world can focus on its positive vaccine news. But experts fear a lack of transparency has clouded that

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When the British-Swedish drugmaker AstraZeneca announced on Monday that its experimental coronavirus vaccine is 70% effective on average, the world exhaled a collective sigh of relief and stocks rallied. Another vac...

Calvin Ridley, estrella de los Atlanta Falcons, se alejará del fútbol’ centrarse en la salud mental

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La estrella de los Atlanta Falcons, Calvin Ridley, anunció el domingo que se marchará "lejos del futbol" centrarse en su salud mental. El jugador de 26 años fue declarado inactivo por los Falcons para el partido del domingo contra los Caro..

Biden defense budget stagnates on warships as focus shifts to China

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Hoy dia, deployments have grown long and frequent tax both crew and equipment as threats proliferate in the post-Cold War era. That's why the new $ 715 billion Biden defense budget raised eyebrows among Republicans wh...

Biden meeting South Korean President as he turns his focus toward East Asia

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President Joe Biden is set to meet with his South Korean counterpart President Moon Jae-in on Friday, the second in-person meeting with a world leader of his presidency as he seeks to turn his foreign policy focus b...

Biden nomina 10 más al banco federal, con un enfoque continuo en la diversidad

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El jueves, el presidente Joe Biden fue nombrado 10 nominados a la banca federal, Continuando sus esfuerzos para diversificar la rama judicial con selecciones que marcarían primicias demográficas en sus respectivos tribunales.. El octavo s ...

Biden to focus on Covid relief for small businesses in Wednesday speech

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President-elect Joe Biden will make remarks Wednesday focusing on delivering relief to small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic with a focus on helping minority-owned businesses, a transition spokesperson tell...

Bucks try to focus with championship chance

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"HISTORY IN THE MAKING" se lee, a sign and a situation that's now impossible to ignore. Y todavía, that's exactly what the Bucks are trying to do. They can indeed make history Tuesday night as Milwaukee's first ...

Carrie Ann Inaba to take leave of absence from ‘The Talk’ to focus on ‘wellbeing

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los "Bailando con las estrellas" judge announced on Twitter on Monday that she’d be taking some time off from her other job: Co-hosting "La conversación." "I wanted to let you know personally that I have decided to take a leave...

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