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Biden-span roep Twitter uit oor die plan om die Withuisrekeninge uit te wis’ volgelinge

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Die gekose president, Joe Biden, se oorgangspan het teruggedruk teen Twitter se besluit om nie toe te laat dat miljoene volgelinge van die Twitter-rekeninge van die Withuis outomaties behou word as die rekeninge behou word nie..

Billie Eilish says revealing photos caused her to lose 100,000 volgelinge: ‘People are scared of big boobs

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The 19-year-old musician blamed the unfollows on her boobs. "People hold on to these memories and have an attachment," Eilish told Elle magazine in the October cover story. "But it's very dehumanizing. I lost 100,000...

Chris Rock announces he has a breakthrough coronavirus case, urges followers to get vaccinated

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Die komediant, 56, took to Twitter on Sunday to share a bare-bones message with his more than 5 million followers announcing both that he tested positive for COVID-19 and encouraged them to get vaccinated against the ...

Jason Aldean’s wife won’t shy away from politics amid belief her followers are afraid of cancel culture

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The wife of the country star has been politically outspoken on her social media many times in the past, often leading to controversy and debate among her followers. Egter, she revealed recently that her ability to ...

Pakistani actress quotes Adolf Hitler to 1.2 million Twitter followers as tensions flare in Israel

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In a now-deleted tweet, actress Veena Malik from Pakistan posted a quote attributed to the infamous dictator who systematically murdered two-thirds of the European Jewish population. "'I would have killed all the Jew...

Paloma Elsesser het gekla omdat sy volgelinge gevra het om 'twee keer te dink'’ voor jy oor antisemitisme op Instagram plaas

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Op Saterdag, die Vogue-voorbladmeisie het 'n verklaring op Instagram Stories geplaas wat deur Anna Rajagopal geskryf is, wat 'n beroep op mense doen om twee keer te dink voordat hulle oor anti-Semitisme plaas. "Niemand sê jy moet stilbly oor ...

Shanna Moakler calls out her Instagram followers over reading into her posts

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The former Miss Universe winner slammed her Instagram followers and their "fortune cookie wisdom" on Tuesday for assuming any of her social media actions were a response to her ex-husband, Travis Barker, getting enga...

Supreme Court wipes away ruling that said Trump violated Constitution by blocking Twitter followers

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Washington The Supreme Court on Monday wiped away a lower court opinion holding that then-President Donald Trump violated the First Amendment when he blocked followers from his Twitter account. The high court dismis...

Talk of overturning the 2020 election on new social media platforms used by QAnon followers sparks fears of further violence

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Online conversation among Trump supporters and QAnon followers on new and emerging social media platforms is creating concern on Capitol Hill that President Donald Trump's continued perpetuation of the falsehood tha...

These twin sisters are college basketball stars and have 3 million TikTok followers. Now they’re cashing in

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Unless you are a huge fan of college hoops or a regular on TikTok, you may not be familiar with Haley and Hanna Cavinder. But they are ushering in a new era of college sports. The twin sisters, stars on Fresno State...

TikToker samel geld in van volgelinge om baniere oor Brian Laundrie se huis te laat vlieg

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Dit is die jongste voorbeeld van die groot impak wat sosiale media op die saak gehad het, as amateur -sleutels op TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, en ander platforms het die 22-jarige Gabby Petito se tragiese gevolg..