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Colton Underwood’s ex Cassie Randolph says she won’t comment on his coming out ‘for now

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The 25-year-old former reality star has found herself in headlines lately after her ex-boyfriend and fellow "Bachelor" alum Colton Underwood came out as gay. Their relationship came to an abrupt end about 11 months a...

Remote learning impact on children will be studied ‘for decades to come’: Domenech:

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BEN DOMENECH: You know who the biggest stakeholders are in this decision? It's the kids… who were affected by these decisions in a way that is not just anti-scientific, but is designed to bolster the interests of the...

John Krasinski reacts to Amy Schumer’s joke that marriage to Emily Blunt is ‘for publicity

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The 39-year-old comedian took to Instagram on Sunday to promote the horror film and encourage people to go back to movie theaters. "I loved every second of @aquietplacemovie even better than the first one which blew...

Virginia sheriff ditches Democratic Party over ‘defund the police’ oproepe: ‘You get what you pay for

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"My deputies work hard to serve and protect the citizens of Smyth County. As sheriff, it has been difficult to watch my deputies try to move forward during this unprecedented assault on our profession," Shuler said i...

Mike Lee praises Republican success blocking ‘For the People Act’ wetgewing

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LEE: "I'm thrilled that we defeated S.1 tonight. This was a victory for the angels. This bill was written in hell by the devil himself. This bill would make it easier to vote. This would make it easier to vote illega...

Ingraham: ‘We need a storm of common senseto wash Democrats out of Washington ‘for good

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"It's a bill filled with junk that we don't need and can't afford," Ingraham gesê. "So no fiscal or social conservative should have ever supported this." Ingraham argued that despite Biden and the Democrats' infrastr...

De Blasio says Cuomo resignation is ‘for the good of all New York

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"Moenie 'n fout maak nie, this is the result of survivors bravely telling their stories," de Blasio gesê. "It was past time for Andrew Cuomo to resign and it’s for the good of all New York." NY GOV. CUOMO RESIGNS AMID SEXUAL...

Cuomo successor Kathy Hochul says 14-day transition period ‘not what I asked for

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Cuomo raised eyebrows earlier this week after he said he would leave office in 14 dae, rather than the immediate resignation that many public figures sought after an independent investigation concluded the governor ...

Rep. Crenshaw on Afghanistan evacuation: State Department ‘has a lot to answer for’

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Crenshaw told "Die Brian Kilmeade Show" that he is certain that the military generals gave the commander-in-chief the "right advice," maar, hy "decided not to take it." Crenshaw added that the situation is "reasonable...

Ingraham: How Biden and Kerry’s refusal to confront China is a symptom of being ‘bought and paid for

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Ingraham compared the Biden administration's refusal to confront China over its role in disseminating the coronavirus pandemic to how President Biden might by contrast confront a red-state Christian university if its...

Raiders’ Mark Davis on Jon Gruden emails: ‘Not what we stand for

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Davis spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal after the Raiders' bounce-back victory over the Denver Broncos. The win snapped a two-game slide. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Las Vegas Raiders owner a...

Alec Baldwin se 'Rust’ movie production halted ‘for an undetermined period of time

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Baldwin reportedly discharged a prop gun during production on Thursday at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico, wat gelei het tot die dood van die kinematograaf Halyna Hutchins, 42, and the wounding of director Joe...

Mike Rowe debunks mystery of 11 million open jobs, skills gap: Americans take essential work ‘for granted’

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Rowe told "Fox News Primetime" that the issue has always lied in what Americans value which includes turning a blind eye to blue-collar careers. "There’s something in us… where we begin to resent the very thing we re...

New York Times redaksionele skrywer loof 'Republikeine waarvoor ons dankbaar is': Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger onder

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"Dit was 'n moeilike jaar vir aanhangers van Amerikaanse demokrasie. Die plundering van die Capitol op Jan. 6 gee die toon. Voormalige president Donald Trump se wurggreep op die Republikeinse Party stook steeds sy mees ondeurdagte impuls aan..

Mindy Kaling geniet Thanksgiving met ultra-skaars foto van kinders tydens stranduitstappies: 'Waarvoor ek dankbaar is’

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Op danksegging, die aktrise-vervaardiger, 42, het 'n seldsame foto van haar dogter op Instagram gedeel, Katherine Swati, 3, en seun Spencer Avu, 1, terwyl die oudste kind haar bababoetie in 'n stootwaentjie gedruk het tydens 'n sonsondergangstrand...

Chrishell Stause, Jason Oppenheim spandeer Thanksgiving om maaltye aan haweloses te bedien: 'Ton om voor dankbaar te wees'

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Die "Al My Kinders" aktrise, 40, en luukse eiendomsmagnaat, 44, 'n deel van hul vakansie spandeer om op 'n groot manier terug te gee aan die Los Angeles-gemeenskap toe die egpaar hul tyd vrywillig gemaak het om warm maaltye aan die ...

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