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Steve Forbes rompe el decepcionante informe de empleo de noviembre: "El gobierno es el problema’

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NOSOTROS CONTRATAMOS TROPIEZAS EN NOVIEMBRE A MEDIDA QUE LA ECONOMÍA AGREGA JUSTO 210,000 NUEVOS TRABAJOS STEVE FORBES: Lo que tienes es una economía que quiere avanzar, pero todavía hay barreras artificiales allí.. sí, conocemos la enorme cadena de suministro ...

Forbes leads Spurs in 114-83 win over shorthanded Blazers

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Doug McDermott added 16 points and Dejounte Murray had 15 puntos y 13 assists for the Spurs. The loss snapped a 10-game home winning streak for the Blazers. Portland was led by CJ McCollum and Norman Powell with 16...

Steve Forbes on dismal new jobs report: ‘Crazy, confusingmandates hurting US economy

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US ECONOMY ADDS 194K JOBS IN SEPTEMBER, MISSING ESTIMATES STEVE FORBES: [De Biden] whole thing on vaccines is very confusing. People don’t like the coercion part of it. And it is leading to people getting fired. Aquí ...

Donald Trump is no longer one of Forbes’ 400 richest people in America

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Donald Trump takes tremendous pride in being rich. Just ask him. "I'm really rich," he said in his presidential announcement speech back in 2015. Which is still true! Pero, according to the newly-released rankings f...

Hard-hitting news is extinct: CNN reports on dinosaur ‘foreplay,’ nearly six years after Forbes

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In a piece titled "The mysterious sex lives of dinosaurs," CNN senior producer Katie Hunt tackled the burning question of "cómo" dinosaurs reproduced and how it has been difficult to answer since "no fossil has reveal...