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Migrant women forced into sex trade by traffickers at southern border; Sara Carter reports on ‘Hannity

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"We're talking about children as young as eight years old, sold into prostitution. It's just horrific," Carter said. "Across the globe, meer as 25 million people are subjected to human trafficking and slavery. In ...

‘Boy Meets Worldstar and porn actress Maitland Ward says typecasts forced her out of ‘mainstream’ Hollywood

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Fans of Ward, 44, will remember the bubbly redhead as Rachel McGuire in the popular coming-of-age ABC sitcom "Seun ontmoet die wêreld," but it was in large part due to the fact that the actress was being typecast in Hollywoo...

TigersCasey Mize forced to change glove over its color: Timing was ‘was pretty s—tty, eerlikwaar’

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While the league’s new guidance for players and umpires is set to go into effect Monday, Mize was forced to change gloves because of the color. Mize said umpire John Tumpane told him to switch out the glove. KLIK HY ...

Tammy Bruce: Democrats will be forced to reckon with their radical agenda

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TAMMY BRUCE: Amid the Democrats’ far-left power grab and failures, Democrats are flailing, they are on the defensive, they are in disarray and they are divided, and will soon be forced to reckon with the reckless rad...

Tucker Carlson: Young people are being forced to get COVID vaccine, but it may harm them more than COVID

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So what happened next? Hierdie week, we found out. Israeli health officials released a report showing that vaccinated young people, particularly young men, were developing a potentially fatal complication — a heart infl...

Protesters want a pipeline project shut down in Minnesota. Some damaged the site and forced workers out, the company says

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Indigenous leaders and more than 1,000 protesters including actress Jane Fonda marched Monday to the Mississippi River where an Enbridge Energy oil pipeline upgrade project is underway to cross the water in northern...

Kamala Harris forced to return to Maryland on way to Guatemala due to ‘technical issue

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Air Force Two landed safely. Spokesperson Symone Sanders told reporters the plane returned because of a "technical issue" and said there were no major safety concerns. "I'm good, I'm good," Harris told reporters afte...

Golfer Jon Rahm forced to withdraw from Memorial Tournament after positive Covid-19 test

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Spanish golfer Jon Rahm was withdrawn from the Memorial Tournament Saturday after testing positive for Covid-19, the PGA Tour announced. Rahm was leading the tournament after the third round with a 6-stroke cushion ...

A Sikh man incarcerated in Arizona was forced to shave his beard against his religion. Advocacy groups want to ensure that doesn’t happen to anyone else

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In his more than 60 jare, Surjit Singh never once cut, trimmed or shaved his hair or his beard. As a Sikh, Singh believes his hair -- also known as kesh -- to be a divine gift. Keeping it unshorn and tied up in a t...

Travis Barker says 2008 plane crash forced him to stop abusing opioids

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The Blink-182 drummer was addicted to opioids at the time of the accident which killed Barker's close friends Chris Baker and Charles "Che" Steeds, in addition to the two pilots. Barker's friend Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein...

A Black softball player says she was forced to cut off her hair beads at a game. Her family wants to change the rule they say is discriminatory

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It was her last home softball game of the season, and Nicole Pyles, a sophomore at Durham Hillside High School in North Carolina, had just hit a double. Her hair, braided with beads and tied in a bun at the bottom o...

Die sagtebal-speler in Noord-Carolina moes krale van hare sny, vonke oproepe om te verander ‘kultureel bevooroordeeld’ heers

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Nicole Pyles, wie is swart, het vir die Hillside High School in Durham gespeel toe sy gesê is dat sy nie met die krale in haar hare sal kan speel nie. Sy het haar spanmaats die krale uit haar hare laat sny in plaas van om te sit..

Colonial Pipeline goes back online after cyberattack forced shutdown

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"Following this restart, it will take several days for the product delivery supply chain to return to normal," Colonial Pipeline said in a statement. "Some markets served by Colonial Pipeline may experience, or conti...

Lawsuit claims New Jersey Hindu temple was built on forced labor

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Six Indian men filed suit against a large Hindu temple in New Jersey on Tuesday, alleging that the prominent sect in charge of the facility lured them halfway around the world with promises of well-paying jobs, only...

Chris Pratt’s ex-wife Anna Faris says her ‘hand was forcedin divorce

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The 44-year-old actress was married to the "Guardians of the Galaxy" ster, 41, van 2009 aan 2018, and news of their split came as a surprise to fans in 2017. These days, they've both moved on and work as co-parents t...

'N Restaurantbestuurder wat 'n swartman sonder betaling moes werk, skuld hom meer as $500,000 in restitusie, hof beslis

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'N Suid-Carolina man wat gedwing is om oor te werk 100 jare lank elke week ure lank sonder betaling en onderwerp aan verbale en fisiese mishandeling, was veronderstel om naby te wees $ 273,000 in restitusie na sy voormalige mana ...

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