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Protests at justices’ homes ‘nothing’ compared to ‘forcing us to bear children we don’t want’: LA Times column

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Dismissing the justices being "slightly inconvenienced at home" as not a "Ese día específico de filmación fue," Abcarian wrote, "That’s nothing compared with the cost they impose on Americans who may be about to lose control over their own bod...

Belarus jails student a year after forcing down the airliner she was traveling on

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Sofia Sapega, a Russian law student arrested with her Belarusian dissident boyfriend last year when Belarus forced a Ryanair airliner to land, was sentenced Friday to six years in prison for inciting social hatred, ...

Biden’s ‘failed policiesforcing states to ‘step up’ en la frontera sur: Alabama Lt. Gobernador. Ainsworth

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Speaking from Talladega on "zorro & Fin de semana de amigos" el domingo, he stressed that Alabama will continue to support border states. "We have to have borders," he told host Will Cain. "If the federal government is goin...

Dozens in central Texas lost everything in a wildfire. Ongoing blazes are now forcing others to evacuate

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David Lipson sat in his dining room talking on the phone with his son when he smelled the smoke. He grabbed his dog, his gun and a pair of guitars he bought in 1976 -- the year he married his wife -- and ran out of ...

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En "zorro & Amigos" jueves, Homan discutió la decisión de un tribunal federal de bloquear algunas de las políticas de la administración Biden que prohíben que ICE retire a inmigrantes indocumentados que no estén etiquetados como "Homan discutió la decisión de un tribunal federal de bloquear algunas de las políticas de la administración Biden que prohíben que ICE retire a inmigrantes indocumentados que no estén etiquetados como.

Virginia parents frustrated some schools are still forcing masks on kids

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"You don't make the choice of when my freedom starts. Dios mío, given freedom starts now. So he will not be at school with a mask on. And if he gets kicked out any day, they could kick him out every day for all I care,...

Exclusivo: Top water official says megadrought is forcing government to operate ‘in a completely different regime

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As the American West continues into its 22nd year of a parching megadrought, officials at the federal government's top water resource management agency are trying to plan for an uncertain and unprecedented time for ...

‘It is really dizzying for our community’: Growing anti-Semitism forcing Jewish Americans to be more vigilant

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Michael Igel had listened to his grandparents' memories of the Holocaust for years when as a tween, he first confronted a friend who had a swastika drawn on his shoe. At that moment, he quickly realized the atrociti...

Gobernador de Nueva York. Hochul compares forcing children to wear masks in school with wearing shoes

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"My daughter had a meltdown about having to put sneakers on to go to kindergarten," the governor said Friday during a press conference after being asked about a timeline for removing mask mandates in schools. "She go...

Malaysia floods hit seven states forcing thousands to evacuate

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Seven states in Malaysia were hit by floods on Sunday and thousands of people were evacuated, taking the total affected by heavy rain in the past two weeks to more than 125,000, the National Disaster Management Agenc...

Texas AG rechaza el mandato de la vacuna Biden que obliga a los estadounidenses a elegir entre salud, trabajo

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Maskless ‘Bachelorettefinale causes uproar on Twitter, forcing ABC to pivot halfway: 'Irresponsable’

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los "Después de la rosa final" event was hosted by Kaitlyn Bristowe, who opened the show in front of a live studio audience. Attendees were seen sitting in seats close to one another and without face coverings. The shoc...

Los ladrones que seguían a casa en California usaban equipo "tipo policía" mientras obligaban a las víctimas a entrar a punta de pistola, muestra de video

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El video muestra a tres personas que parecen regresar a casa cuando dos hombres que dicen ser agentes de la DEA se les acercan.. Se ve a ambos hombres con lo que parecen ser insignias de la policía, así como chalecos negros con "policía" escrito en th ...

Primer ministro francés da positivo por Covid-19, obligando a cinco ministros belgas a aislarse

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La primera ministra de París, Francia, dio positivo por Covid-19, obligando a cinco ministros belgas a entrar también en autoaislamiento después de reunirse con el político francés el lunes. Primer Ministro Jean Castex, quien es completamente v ...

La Corte Suprema ordena a la corte de Nueva York que reconsidere el fallo que obliga a la diócesis católica a cubrir los abortos

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La Corte Suprema se negó a tomar el caso de la Diócesis de Albany vs.. Emami, a la luz de un fallo importante que dictó a principios de este año, se puso del lado de una organización benéfica católica en Filadelfia que se negó a proyectar lo mismo..

Lava gushes from Spanish volcano, forcing more evacuations

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La Palma, SpainLava gushing from the Canary Islands' first volcanic eruption on land in 50 years has forced authorities to evacuate another part of El Paso municipality on the Spanish island of La Palma and to urge s...

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