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National weather forecast: Storm system to bring widespread hazards

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Accumulating snow will fall from Colorado to the Upper Midwest over the next few days. The national forecast for Tuesday, April 13. (Fox News)

National weather forecast: Area of low pressure to bring wintry weather across northern tier of US

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SEVERE STORM DAMAGES BUILDINGS IN FLORIDA PANHANDLE The Northern Plains, parts of the Rockies and the Midwest will see a snowy pattern with the potential for measurable snow over the next few days. Colder ...

National weather forecast: Severe weather continues across South, eastern US sees above-average temps

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2021 HURRICANE SEASON: 17 NAMED STORMS PREDICTED THIS YEAR The system keeps cloudy wet conditions to the north, but further south severe weather is likely. Severe threats through Friday night (Krediet: Fox N...

National weather forecast: Above average temperatures could set daily record highs

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Further south, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico increases the chance for severe weather conditions along the frontal boundary. Op Vrydag, an enhanced risk of severe weather – which includes tornado, wind and hail t...

National weather forecast: Severe storms, potential heavy rain possible in southern US

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The Storm Prediction Center has issued an enhanced risk of severe weather -- including tornado, wind and hail threats -- over the Lower Mississippi Valley for this afternoon into tonight. These risks are centered o...

National weather forecast: Widespread rain, thunderstorms moving across US

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The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk of severe weather including hail and strong winds over the Central Plains on Tuesday and Tuesday night. Op Woensdag, the threat shifts southeast to the Lower Mis...

National weather forecast: Temperatures may break records in Southwest, Central US

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Temperatures will approach 100 degrees in the Southwest and get into the 80s as far north as South Dakota and Minnesota. That warmth continues and shifts slightly to the east on Tuesday. High temperatures ...

A groundhog forecast: More winter or early spring?

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Every year on February 2 people keep an eye out for a groundhog's shadow to help predict what the weather will be like for the next few weeks. This year that shadow may be cast on snow. The legend goes that if groun...

New Year’s Eve will be snowy in Central US while rain is forecast on Eastern Seaboard

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As we toss 2020 to the wayside and welcome 2021 with open arms, a significant winter storm is expected to develop in the Central US this week. But the first area of concern is a storm in the Western US on Sunday an...

Kersweekvoorspelling sluit sneeu in, ys en koue weer

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Maandag begin die "astronomiese winter" en die Kersweekvoorspelling vra baie moontlikhede vir sneeu, ten minste vir sommige. Ook bekend as wintersonstilstand, astronomiese winter begin Desember 2...

Holiday travelers should keep an eye on the weather forecast

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Three-quarters of Americans are expected to stay home this holiday season, according to AAA. But the other 85 million who might travel from December 23 through January 3 should keep an eye on the weather, as several...