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One of the biggest tidal flood events of the past two decades, forecasters predict

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Oor 20 million people are under alerts for coastal flooding, including residents of Baltimore and Washington, DC, as a large and powerful low pressure system shifts from the central US toward the Northeast. "Reg ...

Tropical Storm Mindy forms in Gulf of Mexico and forecasters issue storm warnings for Florida Panhandle

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Tropical Storm Mindy has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday. A tropical storm warning was issued for the Florida Panhandle from Mexico Beach to the Steinhatchee River, ooreenkomste ...

Hurricane forecasters tracking two disturbances ahead of Atlantic season

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One of the areas of disturbance is reportedly located over the Atlantic Ocean around 450 miles east-northeast of Bermuda. NOAA PREDICTS ANOTHER BUSY ATLANTIC HURRICANE SEASON In a Facebook post, the agency said the...