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Forget fingerprintsAI may soon use your veins to identify you

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Forget facial recognition technology -- researchers say they can identify you from the veins on the backs of your hands. Biometric recognition has become more prevalent in recent years. Facial recognition technolog...

FBI agent, mother of two, honored at memorial service: ‘We will never forget you

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Fellow law enforcement officers, friends and family mourned slain FBI Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger at a memorial service on Saturday in Florida. Schwartzenberger and Special Agent Daniel Alfin were shot an...

Forget the post-election blues: Here’s how to make what you do next matter.

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After years of campaigning and days of uncertainty following Election Day in the United States, the results may be cause for celebration or mourning, depending on who you voted for. Whether it's a good or bad outco...

Let’s not forget this group when we say ‘thank you for your serviceon Veterans Day

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Ja'net Bishop, Ed.D, is a volunteer with the American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces, where she teaches incarcerated veterans techniques for reducing anger and stress. Bishop is a former certified school principa...

Don’t forget that Donald Trump lost the 2016 dibattiti

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President Donald Trump will come into tonight's presidential debate against former Vice President Joe Biden on a major losing streak: He still hasn't won a single general election debate for president. While Trump d...