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Tropical Storm Sally could form in the Gulf of Mexico today

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Tropical Depression 19 is bringing heavy rain and gusty winds to Florida Saturday before the storm is expected to intensify as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico later in the day. Flood watches are in effect through S...

No printer, no problem: How to register to vote without needing to print out a form

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Niina Werronen had easily changed her voter registration address before. But this year's request was a little more complicated. Away from campus and stuck at home, the third-year University of California - Los Angel...

Malaysia’s Anwar submits documents to king to show support to form new government

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Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Tuesday met the country's king and said he submitted documents proving his "strong and convincing" parliamentary support to form government and that Prime Minister Muhyidd...

Biden if elected will form task force to reunite 545 separated immigrant children with family, veldtog sê

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Joe Biden is pledging that if he's elected president, he will sign an executive order to form a task force that will focus on reuniting the 545 immigrant children who've been separated from their families. The pled...

Die Aung San Suu Kyi-party wen genoeg setels om die volgende regering in Myanmar te vorm

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Yangon, Myanmar Die regerende party van Aung San Suu Kyi, leier in Myanmar, het genoeg parlementêre setels verower om die volgende regering te vorm, volgens die amptelike uitslae van 'n algemene verkiesing wat Vrydag bekend gemaak is. Die nuutste ba ...

Thousands of cars form lines to collect food in Texas

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Thousands of people lined up for groceries at a food bank distribution event in Dallas, Texas, die naweek, with organizers saying the Covid-19 pandemic has increased need in the city. Texas becomes the first US...

The White House contact form now lets people choose their personal pronouns

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A new feature on the relaunched White House website contact form allows people to choose their own pronouns, reflecting the new administration's commitment to diversity. The change did not go unnoticed -- it was sh...

Democrats debate whether to move on from Trump or seek another form of punishment after impeachment trial

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Congressional Democrats are torn over whether to try to punish Donald Trump by censure or move on completely from the former President after the Senate likely acquits him on a charge of inciting the January 6 Capito...

Israeli president picks Netanyahu to try and form government

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In his announcement, President Reuven Rivlin acknowledged that no party leader had the necessary support to form a majority coalition in the 120-seat Knesset. He also noted that many believe Netanyahu is unfit to ser...