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This fossil reveals how dinosaurs peed, pooped and had sex

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We know a lot about dinosaurs -- what they looked like, what they ate and what killed them off -- but no fossils have definitively preserved two dinosaurs in the act of mating. Egter, a fossil from China of a Psit...

New ‘sea dragonspecies discovered by amateur fossil hunter off English coast

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A British fossil hunter has found a previously unidentified "sea dragon" on the southern English coast. Steve Etches unearthed the well-preserved ichthyosaur fossil in limestone on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. He t...

Nuwe fossielontdekking dui daarop dat dinosourusse oor oseane gereis het

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Fossils of a duckbill dinosaur have been discovered in Africa, leading experts to believe the species once traveled hundreds of kilometers across oceans to reach the continent. The new dinosaur, Ajnabia odysseus, a ...

Antarctic fossil could have been the biggest flying bird ever, studie bevind

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In the 1980s, paleontologists at the University of California Riverside visited Seymour Island, part of an island chain in the Antarctic Peninsula. They brought home a number of fossils -- including the foot bone an...

A 12-year-old found a 69 million-year-old dinosaur fossil while hiking with his dad

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Nathan Hrushkin has wanted to be a paleontologist for as long as he can remember, and the 12-year-old has already made a significant discovery. He found a partially unearthed dinosaur fossil while hiking with his da...

Mastodon fossil discovered in Colombian gold mine

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Bogota (Reuters)Fossils of a mastodon, a giant prehistoric relative of today's elephants, have been discovered at an artisanal gold mine in central Colombia in a find which researchers say could herald a trove of sim...