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traversate di migranti colpite 10 anno alto quest'anno fiscale in mezzo alla crisi dei confini, a quattro mesi dalla fine

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Protezione delle dogane e della frontiera (CBP) ha annunciato questa settimana che il numero di migranti incontrati alla frontiera a maggio è stato superiore a 180,000, un enorme picco sul 23,000 incontrati nello stesso mese in 2020 --...

Quattro conclusioni dall'ultimo dibattito del sindaco di New York prima dell'inizio del voto anticipato questo fine settimana

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Nel loro dibattito finale prima che i newyorkesi inizino il voto anticipato sabato, cinque dei principali candidati alle primarie del sindaco democratico giovedì sera hanno consegnato messaggi di chiusura agli elettori e attacchi disperati..

Four people were killed, including two juveniles, in separate shootings over three hours in the Kansas City area

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Four people were killed, including two juveniles, in a series of shooting incidents over a three-hour period Tuesday in the Kansas City area, hanno detto i funzionari. The latest burst of deadly violence comes as the US faces...

Charlottesville’s confederate statues coming down nearly four years after violent rally

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In a unanimous vote late Monday night, the Charlottesville City Council voted to remove two Confederate statues from the city's public parks, almost four years after they served as a flashpoint for the violent "Unit...

Un autista sbatte contro una famiglia, uccidendo quattro persone, in quello che la polizia canadese dice essere un crimine di odio anti-islamico

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Una famiglia di cinque persone stava aspettando a un incrocio nella città canadese di Londra quando un autista è salito intenzionalmente sul marciapiede e li ha colpiti, uccidendo quattro, a causa della loro fede islamica, i funzionari hanno detto lunedì. "l...

Fisher-Price baby soothers and gliders recalled after four infant deaths

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Fisher-Price has recalled models of its baby soothers and gliders after the deaths of four infants who were reportedly left on their backs unrestrained and later found on their stomachs. In a joint statement with th...

Jessica Chastain says transformation into televangelist Tammy Bakker took four hours

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The Golden Globe winner spent four hours a day in the makeup and hair trailer to execute the look which included prosthetics and wigs. "Every moment, I had something on my face," Chastain told People magazine. The ac...

White House ousts four Trump-appointed members of prestigious arts commission

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The White House has ousted several members of a prestigious arts commission in the nation's capital, the latest move in the Biden administration's purge of Trump-era appointees from government agencies and boards. ...

Shooting in Jersey City leaves two people dead and four others injured

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Two people died and four others were injured during a shooting in Jersey City, New Jersey, Friday night. Six people were sitting in a car near Crescent Avenue and Brinkerhoff Street when two shooters walked up to th...

Four family members charged with murder in a case that police say resulted from mistaken identity

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Four members of one Texas family are accused of killing a Houston-area man who they believed had vandalized their home and vehicles, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. But Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says the...

One person was killed and four others injured in a Toronto shooting

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At least one person is dead and four others injured after a shooting in a Toronto suburb Sunday, Toronto police said. Witnesses in Etobicoke said they saw a man get out of his vehicle and begin shooting at the inter...

Hogan criticizes GOP as a ‘circular firing squadthat had ‘worst four years’ sotto Trump

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Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Sunday lambasted the GOP as a "circular firing squad" attacking each other and said the party experienced "the worst four years" under former President Donald Trump. The comme...

Glenn Close e Mila Kunis non possono ballare abbastanza velocemente per salvare la cupa storia di dipendenza "Four Good Days"’

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"Quattro giorni buoni" è solo un film così così, una cupa storia di dipendenza -- basato su un pezzo del Washington Post -- questo scandaglia la misura in cui una madre è disposta a soffrire ed esercitare un duro amore per salvare suo figlio. Ha detto la mamma ...

Patricia Heaton says her four sons still haven’t watched ‘Everybody Loves Raymond

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The Emmy-winning actress revealed that they still haven't watched her as Debra Barone in the beloved comedy series "Everybody Loves Raymond." "I’m going to make them sit at my funeral for nine years of 'Raymond,'" th ...

Biden to unveil $200B universal preschool plan for children aged three to four

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The preschool initiative is part of Biden’s "American Families Plan," il $ 1.8 trillion second phase of the administration’s infrastructure and spending package. The initial phase, dubbed the "American Jobs Plan," ...

The truth behind the famous meeting of four Black heroes in ‘One Night in Miami

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The story contains spoilers for "Una notte a Miami," which is streaming on Amazon Prime. The movie will be up for three Oscars at the Academy Awards Sunday night. On February 25, 1964, four African American icons m...