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Larry Elder tells ‘Fox & Vriende’ why he’s running for CA governor: ‘SmugGavin Newsom has to be recalled

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "jakkals & Vriende," Elder slammed Newsom for his restrictive coronavirus mandates, which he subsequently violated during a dinner at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant to the outrage of ...

Die pa van die vermiste 22-jarige vrou in Florida pleit om hulp van die publiek op Fox & Vriende eers’

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"Ons moet Gabby vind. Ons moet haar huis toe bring," Petito het gesê terwyl hy enigiemand met inligting aangemoedig het om die tipline te bel met inligting. Die wit omskepte kampeerwa waarmee Petito saam met haar verloofde gereis het..

Wetgewer van Wisconsin op ‘Fox & Vriende: Die wetsontwerp wat volkslied by speletjies vereis, is dat Amerikaners 'moet saamkom’

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Webwerwe wat deur die wetsontwerp gedek word, sal hoofsaaklik insluit, belastingbetalersgesubsidieerde plekke waar die Packers, Bucks and Brewers speel, asook openbare skole en ander fasiliteite wat met belastingbetalersfondse gebou of opgegradeer is. VERLEDE ...

Sean Hannity celebrates Fox News’ 25th anniversary with ‘Fox & Vriende: ‘It’s changed my life

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"I’m just very humbled. I’m grateful, I’m appreciative," Het Hannity gesê. "It’s changed my life, and it’s fun." Before starting at Fox News, Hannity spent 10 years working in construction and another 10 years working i...

Harvard lecturer takes heat for defending existence of biological sex on ‘Fox & Vriende’

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"The ideology seems to be that biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels about themselves, or feels their sex to be," Hooven told "jakkals & Vriende" Woensdag. "The facts are that there are in fact two...

Maryland moms tell ‘Fox & Vriende’ they’re ‘scrambling’ as bus driver shortage causes ‘chaosfor parents

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"It’s craziness, it’s chaos. My oldest is in middle school. He is a seventh-grader and then I have three in elementary school," said Anne Arundel County resident Davi Dewberry. Dewberry described mornings before scho...

4th-grader tells ‘Fox & Vriende’ about viral confrontation with school board: ‘I wanted to take a stand

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Provenzano, who is in fourth grade at Felix A. Williams Elementary school in Martin County, added that his classmates are "not happy" about the mask requirement either. UTAH MOM BLASTS SCHOOL DISTRICT OVER MASK MAND...

Sy. Kennedy on ‘Fox & Vriende: Americans are figuring out Biden and don’t like what they see

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'TRUMAN SHOW PRESIDENCY': BIDEN RIDICULED FOR USING FAKE WHITE HOUSE SET SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: One of the biggest mistakes that the D.C. elite make is they underestimate the American people. To be blunt, they think we'r...

Dan Bongino rips left-wing crime policies on ‘Fox & Vriende: ‘How can they be so stupid?’

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FORMER NYC POLICE MISSIONER WARNS WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE ‘BAD OLD DAYS’ DAN BONGINO: David Horowitz has this theory and it explains why the Democrats have essentially become pro-crime. He calls the Democrats the an...

John Kennedy on ‘Fox & Vriende: Biden admin ‘lies like they breatheabout illegal immigration

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BIDEN'S FAA PLACES TEMPORARY BAN ON DRONES FLYING OVER BRIDGE PACKED WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration lies like they breathe. They're like time...

Cuomo scandals ‘only a surprise to people who haven’t been watching Fox’: Markowicz

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MARKOWICZ: ek bedoel, this is only a surprise to people who might not be watching Fox because this has barely been covered on other stations and in other news media. … I think the Cuomo as the hero of the pandemic sto...

‘Fox News Sondag’ op Oktober 10, 2021

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CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NUUSAnker: I'm Chris Wallace. Congress steps back from the financial brink, but the crisis isn't over, just postponed. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) SY. CHRIS MURPHY (D-CT): The motion is agreed to. WA...

Dan Crenshaw on ‘Fox & Vriende: Biden admin ‘cherry-pickingCOVID data and creating ‘uncertainty

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WHITE HOUSE WEIGHS PUSHING MASKS AS COVID CASES INCREASE DAN CRENSHAW: It’s time for the Democrats to stop creating such uncertainty with the American people, with our economy. I don’t know why they do it. I think it...

Boehner on ‘Fox & Vriende: Biden infrastructure bill a ‘new word for the Green New Deal

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REPUBLICANS SENATORS LINE UP AGAINST BIDEN'S MASSIVE $ 2T UITGAWEWETSONTWERP: 'FAR CRY' FROM INFRASTRUCTURE JOHN BOEHNER: Well this is apparently a new word for the Green New Deal, because if you look at the bill that th...

Boston gym owner tells ‘Fox & Vriende’ mask mandate ‘devastatingher business: We can’t get ‘above water

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"It’s preventing us from getting above water," The Handle Bar Cycling Studio owner Jess Fracalossi told "jakkals & Vriende" op Woensdag. Fracalossi described that their business has been struggling since the pandemi...

Fox News names Rachel Campos-Duffy new co-host of ‘Fox & Vriende-naweek’

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"The success of FOX & Friends can be attributed to the program covering stories Americans care about with relatable co-hosts and reporters they can trust," said FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott. "Oor die jare, ...

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