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ブリットヒューム, Juan Williams look back on 25 years with ‘Fox News Sunday

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CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF 'FOX NEWS SUNDAY' CHRIS WALLACE: Did you think we were going to be here 25 数年後? BRIT HUME: I thought so, and I must say, クリス, というのは, since you took over the show, I think you've ad...

Greg Steube tells ‘Fox & 友達’ his favorite part about home run blast in Congressional Baseball Game

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"上手, all the glory goes to God. That’s why I was pointing my finger up. I just like the fact that I did it while the entire stadium and everybody in my own dugout was paying attention to President Biden because he ...

Mom goes viral for taking toddler to job interview, tells ‘Fox & 友達’ many parents face child care dilemma

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Mundwiller went viral after she posted a TikTok video with her one-year-old son Mylo at a job interview. She emphasized the dilemma faced by parents trying to balance child care with employment. "I would really like ...

ナイジェルファラージが「フォックス」でバイデンを爆破 & フレンズファースト」: アメリカは孤立していて友情がない’

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ITS. ハガティは、バイデンのアフガニスタン出口ナイジェルファラージをめぐって米国の同盟国から「ショック」を拾う: ええと, バイデンはここイギリスでG7に来ました. アメリカが帰ってきた. そして彼らは皆言った, ああ, 素晴らしいですね? 私たちはthを取り除きました。.

DeSantis signs Florida election bill limiting drop boxes, mail-in voting live on ‘Fox & 友達’

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デサンティス, 共和党, said live on "狐 & 友達" that the new law would continue to keep things like mail voting accessible while also protecting election integrity. "I have what we think is the strongest el...

「フォックスニュースサンデー’ 10月に 3, 2021

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クリス・ウォーレス, FOXニュースアンカー: クリス・ウォーレスです. バイデン大統領は、国内の議題を狂わせる恐れのある党の穏健派と進歩派の間の戦いを終わらせようとしている. (ビデオテープを始める) R.。.

17-year-old diagnosed with heart condition after receiving COVID vaccine, father tells ‘Fox & 友達’

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"A week later, he came home and started telling me that his heart was hurting every time he had a heartbeat," Fabio Berlingieri told "狐 & 友達。" After assuming the issue came from a pulled muscle from playin...

Pence tells ‘Fox & 友達’ Biden vaccine mandate ‘unlike anything I ever heard from an American president’

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"I have to tell you the president’s speech yesterday was unlike anything I had ever heard from an American president," ペンスは言った "狐 & 友達。" "というのは, to have the president of the United States say that he ...

Sean Hannity used to rule Fox. But in the post-Trump era, Tucker Carlson is king

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ニューヨーク (CNNビジネス)Sean Hannity finds himself in familiar territory as of late: second place. For most of his career, the right-wing Fox propagandist has been in the shadows of someone else. When Bill O'Reilly w...

Dan Bongino on ‘Fox & 友達の: Only liberals ‘scratching their headsover explosion of crime in US cities

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UNRULY CROWD IN PHILADELPHIA GATHERS OUTSIDE CITY HALL, PERFORM DONUTS AROUND POLICE CRUISER DAN BONGINO: Think about how we got here. Isn't it disturbing we're even having this conversation? … One of the things we k...

'狐 & 友達’ ホストは、ワクチン未接種のアメリカ人に「それを乗り越える」ように言ったためにファウチに反撃した’

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水曜日のMSNBCインタビューで, 国内のトップの病気の専門家は、彼が非常に効果的で安全であると呼んだショットを拒否し続ける人々に不満を表明しました. "あなたは尋ねなければならない: 何が問題ですか?," h.。.

ラリー・エルダーが「フォックス」でニューサムを非難 & 友達’ 国民解職に先立って: デムズは何についても彼の記録を守ることはできません’

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長老はバラクオバマが言った, バーニー・サンダースとエリザベス・ウォーレンはすべて国民解職に取り組んだ, しかし、誰も彼の業績をオフィスで宣伝することはできませんでした. "彼らは次の魔法の言葉を決して言いません: ギャビン・ニューサムはそうしました。.

Utah mom tells ‘Fox & 友達’ why she’s fighting school’s mask mandate: 親’ concerns ‘totally ignored

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Police in Utah are reportedly investigating possible criminal charges against a group of anti-mask protesters who sparked an early end to a school board meeting this week, interrupting speakers and chanting "No more ...

Unvaccinated Colorado woman who was denied kidney transplant shares story on ‘Fox & フレンズファースト’

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Leilani Lutali and her kidney donor, Jaimee Fougner, sat down with "狐 & フレンズファースト" Thursday to tell their story. 8月に, Leilani was told that her having a vaccine was not a prerequisite to receiving he...

Larry Elder tells ‘Fox & 友達’ why he’s running for CA governor: ‘SmugGavin Newsom has to be recalled

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出演中 "狐 & 友達," Elder slammed Newsom for his restrictive coronavirus mandates, which he subsequently violated during a dinner at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant to the outrage of ...

フロリダ州の行方不明の22歳の女性の父親が、「フォックス」に関する一般市民の支援を求めています。 & フレンズファースト’

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"ギャビーを見つけなければなりません. 彼女を家に連れて帰らなきゃ," Petitoは、情報を持っている人は誰でも、情報を使ってチップラインに電話するように促したと述べました。. Petitoが彼女のフィアンと一緒に旅行していた白い改造されたキャンピングカー。.

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