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John Kennedy on ‘Fox & Vriende: Biden admin ‘lies like they breatheabout illegal immigration

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BIDEN'S FAA PLACES TEMPORARY BAN ON DRONES FLYING OVER BRIDGE PACKED WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration lies like they breathe. They're like time...

Maryland moms tell ‘Fox & Vriende’ they’re ‘scrambling’ as bus driver shortage causes ‘chaosfor parents

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"It’s craziness, it’s chaos. My oldest is in middle school. He is a seventh-grader and then I have three in elementary school," said Anne Arundel County resident Davi Dewberry. Dewberry described mornings before scho...

Die pa van die vermiste 22-jarige vrou in Florida pleit om hulp van die publiek op Fox & Vriende eers’

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"Ons moet Gabby vind. Ons moet haar huis toe bring," Petito het gesê terwyl hy enigiemand met inligting aangemoedig het om die tipline te bel met inligting. Die wit omskepte kampeerwa waarmee Petito saam met haar verloofde gereis het..

Larry Elder slams Newsom on ‘Fox & Vriende’ ahead of recall vote: Dems ‘can’t defend his record on anything

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Elder said Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have all addressed the recall election, but none could tout his accomplishments in office. "They never say the following magical words: Gavin Newsom has do...

Pence tells ‘Fox & Vriende’ Biden vaccine mandate ‘unlike anything I ever heard from an American president’

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"I have to tell you the president’s speech yesterday was unlike anything I had ever heard from an American president," Pence vertel "jakkals & Vriende." "ek bedoel, to have the president of the United States say that he ...

Nigel Farage blasts Biden on ‘Fox & Vriende eerste ': America ‘isolated and friendless

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SY. HAGERTY PICKS UP 'SHOCK' FROM US ALLIES OVER BIDEN'S AFGHANISTAN EXIT NIGEL FARAGE: Jy weet, Biden came to the G7 here in the U.K. Amerika is terug. And they all said, o, isn't it marvelous? We've got rid of th...

Tom Homan on ‘Fox & Vriende: Biden admin starting to realize ‘they can’t survive this

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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION HAS LOST TRACK OF A THIRD OF RELEASED MIGRANT KIDS: REPORT TOM HOMAN: This past month it’s going to be over 200,000 [migrants crossing into the U.S.] weer. They haven’t announced it yet. Maar, Dit...

Douglas Murray on ‘Fox & Vriende: Only the White House sees Afghanistan withdrawal as a ‘success

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TUCKER CARLSON: OUR LEADERS WON'T APOLOGIZE FOR AFGHANISTAN, BIDEN DOUBLED DOWN DOUGLAS MURRAY: I think the only people who are claiming this as a success is the White House. Jen Psaki and the president, gisteraand, ...

‘Fox News Sondag’ op Augustus 29, 2021

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CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NUUSAnker: I'm Chris Wallace. A drone strike takes out two high profile ISIS-K targets, as U.S. troops continue their evacuation mission with just 48 hours to go in Afghanistan. (BEGIN VIDEOTA...

‘Fox News Sondag’ op Augustus 8, 2021

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BRET BAIER, FOX NUUSAnker: I'm Bret Baier, in for Chris Wallace. Senators set to resume debate on a trillion dollar partisan infrastructure package. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES...

Dan Crenshaw on ‘Fox & Vriende: Biden admin ‘cherry-pickingCOVID data and creating ‘uncertainty

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WHITE HOUSE WEIGHS PUSHING MASKS AS COVID CASES INCREASE DAN CRENSHAW: It’s time for the Democrats to stop creating such uncertainty with the American people, with our economy. I don’t know why they do it. I think it...

Dan Bongino rips left-wing crime policies on ‘Fox & Vriende: ‘How can they be so stupid?’

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FORMER NYC POLICE MISSIONER WARNS WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE ‘BAD OLD DAYS’ DAN BONGINO: David Horowitz has this theory and it explains why the Democrats have essentially become pro-crime. He calls the Democrats the an...

Harvard lecturer takes heat for defending existence of biological sex on ‘Fox & Vriende’

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"The ideology seems to be that biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels about themselves, or feels their sex to be," Hooven told "jakkals & Vriende" Woensdag. "The facts are that there are in fact two...

Larry Elder tells ‘Fox & Vriende’ why he’s running for CA governor: ‘SmugGavin Newsom has to be recalled

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "jakkals & Vriende," Elder slammed Newsom for his restrictive coronavirus mandates, which he subsequently violated during a dinner at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant to the outrage of ...

'Jakkals & Vriende’ hosts hit back at Fauci for telling unvaccinated Americans to ‘get over it

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In an MSNBC interview Wednesday, the nation's top disease expert expressed frustration with those who continue to refuse the shots that he called highly effective and safe. "You’ve gotta ask: What is the problem?," h ...

17-year-old diagnosed with heart condition after receiving COVID vaccine, father tells ‘Fox & Vriende’

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"'N Week later, he came home and started telling me that his heart was hurting every time he had a heartbeat," Fabio Berlingieri told "jakkals & Vriende." After assuming the issue came from a pulled muscle from playin...