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Cold-case investigation names surprise suspect in Anne Frank’s betrayal

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(Reuters)A six-year cold case investigation into the betrayal of Anne Frank has identified a surprising suspect in the mystery of how the Nazis found the hiding place of the famous diarist in 1944. Anne and seven ot...

Mark Levin: How many Anne Franks are in Afghanistan tonight?

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"How many Anne Franks are there tonight in Afghanistan?" preguntó. "How many Anne Franks are hiding in cellars all across the country today? I want to talk about the people left behind, not the 124,000 who’ve been ev...

Communist group touts plans to burn Anne Frank’s diary, calls her ‘bleach demon

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The Black Hammer Organization, a communist group that advertises itself as a "symbol of hope for the colonized working class," posted online that they were burning copies of Frank’s diary to keep warm in the mountain...