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Why this congresswoman is freezing her eggs her first year in office

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Cuando Rep. Sara Jacobs was in her late 20s, she decided she wanted time to create a family, so she made the decision to one day freeze her eggs. But then life overtook her plans as she embarked on a demanding career,...

It’s summertime and the food freezing is easy. Así es cómo

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Whether you're a home gardener, a CSA-er or a farmers' market regular, it's easy to wind up with more irresistibly pristine, fresh-picked produce than your household can possibly consume in its peak state of ripenes...

Jill Duggar explains why she’s freezing her son’s stuffed animals and toys

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los "19 Niños y contando" star's four-year-old son Samuel is severely allergic to dust, she shared. His allergist suggested freezing the stuffed animals to get rid of the dust, Rocío, 30, told her Instagram followe...

Una mujer estrelló su coche en un río helado. A FedEx driver saw it happen and saved her

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A FedEx Express driver is being hailed a hero by police after he jumped into freezing water to save a woman who had crashed her car. Brandon Alt said he was just getting started on his delivery route that goes throu...

Animal cruelty cases are surging in freezing Texas

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On a normal day, the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals gets 25-30 calls reporting animal cruelty. But since winter storms have pummeled Texas with power and water outages, that number has spik...

Thousands of turtles have been rescued from freezing waters in Texas

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As Texas' deep freeze wreaks havoc on land, sea animals also suffer in its icy waters. Esta semana, Sea Turtle, Inc., a nonprofit in South Padre Island, rescued more than 2,500 at-risk turtles from nearby waters. It's...

Truck driver survives 70-foot plunge off an icy roadway as freezing weather snarls traffic across Midwest

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A driver survived a 70-foot plunge off of a roadway in Wisconsin on Saturday. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation traffic camera recorded the dramatic scene as the pickup truck skidded off an interchange ramp...

‘It’s a miracle,’ Dutch officials say as stowaway survives London to Holland flight in freezing temperatures

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A 16-year-old Kenyan boy has survived sub-zero temperatures on an hour-long flight from London to the Netherlands by hiding himself near the plane's landing gear. Dutch police are investigating the possibility of hu...