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Dit is nie jou verbeelding nie. Weather and climate disasters have been getting more frequent since the ’70s

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An extreme weather event or climate disaster has occurred every day, gemiddeld, somewhere in the world over the last 50 jare, marking a five-fold increase over that period, a new UN analysis shows. Each extreme we...

Extreme heat will be more frequent in the Pacific Northwest. Experts say region is not prepared

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It was only last year when Hannah Lindell-Smith woke up in the middle of the night with the taste of smoke in her mouth. The orange sky over Washington and Oregon was filled with embers as wildfires raged, lei t ...

As the Arctic warms, lightning strikes are more frequenteven near the North Pole

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The Arctic is not usually a hotbed for lightning -- the air is simply not warm enough for thunderstorms to usually occur. But as the Arctic warms at an alarming rate, that lightning frequency is changing as well. Ek ...

Daar is 'n rede waarom Franse bulldogs so gereeld teikens vir diewe is

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Die stal en klein Franse bulldog is 'n ideale metgesel vir honde: Hulle blaf nie veel nie, verkies snuggles en binnenshuise spel as lang wandelinge of vangspeletjies en hou hul hondjieagtige gestalte hul hele lewe lank. Hulle pop ...

FAA met to discuss more frequent engine inspections days before Denver incident

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Only days before a dramatic engine failure on a United Airlines flight, federal regulators had met about requiring more frequent inspections of the same type of engine, a source familiar with the matter told CNN. ...