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‘Call Her Daddyhost Alex Cooper and friends kicked out of Hamptons bar

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The sex-positive show’s host says she and some pals were kicked out of hotspot Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk this weekend for not having wristbands. "I got kicked out of the bar," Cooper said on the most recent episode of...

'Jakkals & Vriende-naweek’ steps into National Infantry Museum in Georgia: ‘Larger than life

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HONORING HEROES AT THE NATIONAL INFANTRY MUSEUM IN GEORGIA This free museum is run by the National Infantry Museum Foundation, a non-federal entity that has served as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit since 1998. Die Nasionale ...

'Jakkals & Vriende’ hosts hit back at Fauci for telling unvaccinated Americans to ‘get over it

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In an MSNBC interview Wednesday, the nation's top disease expert expressed frustration with those who continue to refuse the shots that he called highly effective and safe. "You’ve gotta ask: What is the problem?," h ...

'Jakkals & Vriende’ hosts on Biden blaming gas prices, inflation on Putin: ‘Do they think we’re dumb?’

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In a statement Thursday, the White House acknowledged American families are feeling the impact of inflation, but officials instead referred to inflation as "Putin’s price hike." KELLYANNE CONWAY: THE BIDEN ADMINISTR...

'Jakkals & Vriende’ sounds off on Disney’s woke agenda, opposition to DeSantis: ‘This is not a gray area

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Disney initially faced backlash, including complaints and a number of employee walk-offs, for not taking a strong enough stance against the legislation. DESANTIS: DISNEY BRINGING ‘CALIFORNIA VALUES’ TO FLORIDA IN OBJ...

Die voorval het begin toe drie gemaskerde verdagtes 'n 45-jarige man voor sy huis op die’ Die voorval het begin toe drie gemaskerde verdagtes 'n 45-jarige man voor sy huis op die

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Praat verder "jakkals & Vriende-naweek" op Feb.. 5, 2022, Die voorval het begin toe drie gemaskerde verdagtes 'n 45-jarige man voor sy huis op die. Die voorval het begin toe drie gemaskerde verdagtes 'n 45-jarige man voor sy huis op die.

‘Vriende’ alum Lisa Kudrow says she was fired from ‘Frasierbefore landing iconic role: It ‘wasn’t working

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While joining her sitcom co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox on Wednesday’s edition of Sirius XM's "Die Howard Stern Show," Kudrow, who played Phoebe on the beloved 30-minute program, revealed that she was al...

‘Vriende’ cast opens up about ’emotionalreunion for HBO Max special: ‘We just started crying

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Just days ahead of the special's May 27 vrylating, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry joined "Goeie more Amerika" host Amy Robach on Tuesday for an interview...

‘Vriende’ cast sings show’s theme song with James Corden

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Just call it "Golf Cart Karaoke." James Corden, host of the reunion that we all couldn't stop talking about, recruited the cast of "Vriende" for a special segment that aired on his show Wednesday night. In the cli...

‘Vriende’ cast teases tears during big reunion special

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Could we BE more ready for the "Vriende" reünie? There will be games. There will be laughs. En, the cast teases, some tears. In werklikheid, recounting to Good Morning America how it felt revisit the set, star Courtney ...

‘Vriende’ creator apologizes for having no Black actors in sitcom, pledges $4M to Brandeis University

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Kauffman, 65, claimed she had a hard time understanding the "difficult and frustrating" criticism and chalked it up to "Vriende" being singled out. Nou, she's apologizing and pledging $ 4 million to her alma mater, ...

‘Vriende’ Matthew Perry seen in Los Angeles for first time since reunion

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In photographs taken of Perry during a coffee run in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles on Saturday, the actor is seen out-and-about rocking a black t-shirt, white hoops shorts and black sneakers as he grips a...

‘Vriende’ reünie spesiale aanhangers ontsteld James Corden gasheer deel van HBO Max spesiale

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Die lokprent bevat die hele rolverdeling van die geliefde sitkom uit die negentigerjare, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, en David Schwimmer, herenig vir die eerste keer sedert die vertoning geëindig het 2...

‘Vriende’ ster James Michael Tyler praat oor prostaatkanker

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Die 59-jarige akteur is in September met prostaatkanker gediagnoseer 2018 na 'n jaarlikse ondersoek. "Ek is gediagnoseer met gevorderde prostaatkanker, wat tot in my bene versprei het," Tyler het VANDAG gesê..

‘Vriende’ ster Matthew Perry vang terugslag vir die verkoop van t-hemp wat koronavirus-entstowwe bevorder

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Die 51-jarige akteur het 'n beeld gedeel van homself met die nuwe T-hemp, wat leen uit sy Chandler Bing-karakter se trefwoord wat lui: "Kan ek meer ingeënt word??" Die T-hemp is een van die vele artikels..

‘Vriende’ stars reveal they had a real-life crush on each other during reunion special

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During the highly anticipated "Vriende: Die Reünie" special on HBO Max, the cast reunited to reveal some behind-the-scenes details about the show that they haven’t shared with their myriad of fans in the past. Among...

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