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‘Marvel’s a fringe villain a weird, very-adult starring role

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Marvel dives big head first into the Adult Swim sandbox with "M.O.D.O.K.," a stop-motion animation series that seeks hilarity in exploring the lighter side of one of the more ridiculous denizens of the comics. Mentre...

St. Il direttore sanitario di Louis dice al personale di ignorare la "frangia pazza" di COVID-19 via e-mail: rapporto

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Il St.. Louis Post-Dispatch ha riferito di aver ricevuto l'e-mail di martedì da Khan ai membri dello staff del dipartimento. La sua e-mail ha elogiato i dipendenti per i loro sforzi durante la pandemia, e li ha esortati a "ignorare...

Ben Shapiro rips Justin Trudeau for characterizing protesters as ‘fringe minority’: It has backfired

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CANADIAN TRUCKER SENDS MESSAGE TO JUSTIN TRUDEAU: ‘I WISH HE WOULD BE A LEADER’ BEN SHAPIRO: This sort of tactic, which Trudeau is picking up from the American Left, is likely to be wildly unsuccessful. Everybody can...

rappresentante. Paul Gosar’s lengthy ties to White nationalists, pro-Nazi blogger and far-right fringe received little pushback for years

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L'ultima primavera, Repubblicano. Paul Gosar and a small group of volunteers traveled to the southern border city of San Luis, Arizona, to clean up the city's trash. The small group included a blogger who has praised Naz...

Karol Markowicz rips top NYC doctor for calling white women ‘birthing people’: Appeals to ‘fringe left

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NYC TOP HEALTH OFFICIAL REFERS TO WHITE WOMEN AS 'BIRTHING PEOPLE,' CALLS BLACK AND HISPANIC WOMEN 'MOTHERS' KAROL MARKOWICZ: I'm sure it was an oversight, but unfortunately what they mean is that all of us are birth...