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First look at new details of Disney’s upcoming ‘Princess and the Frogattraction

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In Junie 2020, the company announced Splash Mountain would be re-themed to reflect the story of Princess Tiana and her friends. Maandag, Disney shared with FOX News updates and the first look at a new rendering of ...

Scientists discover new ‘chocolate frogin swamp

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A team of Australian scientists has discovered a curious "chocolate frog" tree frog in the lowland rainforests of New Guinea. Tree frogs are known for their green skin -- but due to its brown coloring, navorsers ...

A tree frog named Betty is this year’s Cadbury Easter Bunny mascot

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A tree frog from Florida named Betty has been named Cadbury's 2021 Easter Bunny. The White's tree frog, native to Australia, beat over 12,000 contenders for the coveted title, the Hershey Company announced in a new...

What do Janet Jackson and Kermit the Frog have in common? The Library of Congress just archived their songs

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The Library of Congress has added Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation 1814" and Kermit the Frog's "The Rainbow Connection" to its National Recording Registry. The songs are among 25 "audio treasures worthy of preservatio...

‘Ghostfrog not seen for 80 years rediscovered in desert hot spring

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Chilean scientists have rediscovered a species of frog last seen more than 80 jare terug, prompting new calls for the conservation of its habitat in the far-flung Chilean desert. Scientists relocated the diminutive Ha...