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Matt Damon says he only just stopped using the ‘f-slur for homosexualpeople at the behest of his daughter

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Die "Stillwater'' actor sat down for an interview with The Sunday Times where he discussed changes in modern masculinity and what that means for him as an actor and public figure. He revealed that he used the slur in...

Matt Damon says he never used ‘f-slurin his ‘personal life’: ‘I stand with the LGBTQ+ community

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Die "Stillwater" akteur, 50, clarified an idea that he had only just stopped using the "f-slur" after he was admonished by one of his daughters. Damon is quoted in a Sunday Times interview as saying the offensive slur...

Matt Damon credits his daughter for ending his use of the ‘f-slur

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Gelukkig, Matt Damon has a daughter who can school him on what's become taboo. Die "Stillwater" star admitted he just recently stopped using a homophobic slur because he's learned about "changes in modern masculi...