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Watters: If Biden really cared, he’d talk about what really fueled this rampage

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JESSE AGUAS: When America is faced with a tragedy, Americans expect a leader to step up to the plate and bring the country together, not fuel the flames and make things worse. Joe Biden ran on being that guy. En 20...

NYC soaring crime rate in first months of 2022 fueled by repeat offenders

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The figures come as Mayor Eric Adams has returned controversial police initiatives to address the increasing crime figures during his first months in office. "It's clear what we are confronting: A perception among c...

Durham investigation: Judge pans filing that fueled right-wing firestorm

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Washington A federal judge on Thursday panned a recent court filing from special counsel John Durham, chastising him for including unnecessary information that fueled a firestorm in right-wing circles about supposed ...

Dayton mass shooter acted alone in 2019 attack and was fueled by an ‘enduring fascination with mass violence,’ FBI says

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The FBI in Cincinnati said Monday that an investigation into the 2019 Dayton, Ohio, mass shooting found the gunman acted alone and was not aligned with a specific ideological group. "The evidence from the extensive...

Exjefe de policía de Seattle en "America’s Newsroom": 'Desfinanciar’ movimiento policías desmoralizados, crimen alimentado

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DEFENSA EL MOVIMIENTO POLICIAL AÚN DAÑANDO LA APLICACIÓN DE LA LEY EN LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS CARMEN BEST: Creo que los departamentos de policía deben reflejar las comunidades a las que sirven.. Deberíamos tener un amplio nivel de diversidad..

Horschel wins at Wentworth, fueled by Ryder Cup snub

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So he took down a bunch of leading Europeans by himself. Horschel birdied Wentworth's storied 18th hole after an approach shot that spun back to inside 2 pies, securing a closing 7-under 65 and a one-shot victory at ...

Brian Sicknick death ruling debunks media narrative that fueled second Trump impeachment: Herir

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Washington D.C.'s top medical examiner ruled Monday that Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes the day after he confronted rioters at the U.S. Capitol building Jan. 6. The ruling appears to contrad...