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Bush si congratula con Biden, dice che le elezioni sono state "fondamentalmente giuste’ e "il suo risultato è chiaro’

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L'ex presidente George W. Bush si è congratulato domenica con il presidente eletto Joe Biden in una telefonata e lo ha detto, mentre il presidente Donald Trump ha il diritto di perseguire sfide legali e riconteggi, il 2020 gara era "fu ...

Will Cain: The left ‘fundamentally unseriousabout addressing a culture of crime

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SARÀ CAIN: The American Left has systematically gone about creating a culture of crime. Our laws are consistently called not just unfair but systemically racist. Who would follow the rules of a rigged game? In San F...

Pompeo on Gen. Milley’s calls to China: Narrative about Trump’s final weeks ‘fundamentally false

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MILLEY SPOKESMAN DEFENDS CALLS WITH CHINA AS 'VITAL' TO 'AVOIDING UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OR CONFLICT' POMPEO: Bene, I’m always skeptical about Bob Woodward. We will begin there. But if he did that. If General Milley...

New discoveries fundamentally change the picture of human evolution in Africa

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The story of humankind's origins was thought to have largely unfolded in a cave with a sea view. The earliest evidence suggesting that modern humans were capable of symbolic thought and complex behavior -- the use ...

Chris Rufo: Once great Disney is telling America it’s ‘fundamentally racist,’ ‘founded on discrimination

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CHRIS RUFO: Disney is saying is we should reject the idea of equality, that people should be treated equally, regardless of their skin color, and they say they need to pursue a policy of equity where people achieve e...

rappresentante. Donalds explains how critical race theory push is an ‘agenda to fundamentally change our country’

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BIDEN ADMIN PROMOTES RADICAL GROUP PUSHING CRITICAL RACE THEORY IN SCHOOLS BYRON DONALDS: In poche parole, they have an agenda that they want to continue to push through our country. … If you make it possible for young...